Thursday, 20 November 2014

Growing up

November is a busy month for us as a family.  Aside from the fact that I like to get organised for Christmas early and usually start planning around this time, we have both our boys birthdays this month.  X turned 12 on Monday, which is a little scary, and a little exciting.  It puts things into perspective, having one so close to teenage years.  Not much has really changed for him, he's still pre-pubescent.  I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda happy about that.  We still haven't entered the stage of stinky boy smells, armpit hair, facial hair, ...other hair... zits (and we know he's going to get those, if we're basing it on genetic history), voice-breaking, girlfriends... oh, that can definitely wait a little longer!  He's still not embarrassed to be seen with me and will happily call out/wave/run up to me if he sees me when surrounded by friends or fellow students.  I wonder when that will change?  I'm thoroughly enjoying the fact that I have completely converted him into a full-blown Harry Potter fan - he's reading the books (just started Prisoner of Azkaban) during school reading times and at breakfast, while I read to him (we're nearly finished - part way through Deathly Hallows) and we watch the corresponding movie after each book.  He had a sleepover for his birthday last weekend, and they chose to watch the Philosopher's Stone movie.  Winning!  Even T is reading the first book on my kindle, and he's already halfway through!  ::fist pump::  X is nearly as tall as me now, yet still comments on the fact that he's one of the shortest kids in school.  Honestly, it's quite daunting going to pick him up on occasion and being surrounded by adult-sized pre-teens.  When did they start getting so huge?!?  Okay, so I'm only 5'1" (fine, 5' 1/2") but still...  X has had a snarky, talk-back attitude for a very long time, so we're quite used to that already.  Can it really get any worse?  I guess we'll find out.  But oh, he's growing so fast.  This time next year we'll be preparing for his move into high school!  Eek!

T's 10th birthday (T E N T H!!!) is just over a week away.  He's still my little guy, much more the size of a six or seven year old, cuddly, affectionate and totally squishable.  Quiet and reserved (most of the time) but with a very cunning mind and a wicked sense of humour.  I can't even imagine what he'll be like as a teen, and I'm certainly in no hurry for him to get there at the moment.  Sure, I look forward to the days when they're all grown up and moved out of home and I realise that sounds horribly selfish - I like my own quiet space, with the freedom to do what I want.  I've never been one of those mums that devotes their entire existence to raising their children - I'm still my own person, with my own plans and goals - but that doesn't mean I love my boys any less.  I couldn't imagine my life without them, and am so very pleased we 'broke the mold' and had them in our early twenties.  We're still young enough to be comfortable with silliness and crazy antics if nothing else.  Being a little ridiculous and joking around can be just what you need sometimes.  Perhaps we missed out on some of the things people take for granted in their twenties and early thirties - socialising, going out for dinner, a weekend getaway just because we felt like it - but I've never been one for crowds and loud noise, and we can enjoy these things a little later in life.  All going to plan, the boys will be moved out of home when we're in our mid-forties.  Yes, we planned it well ;)

Our boys are getting to the age where they're starting to have some rather deep and philosophical discussions which certainly makes for interesting conversation at times, but they still have their favourite soft toys and blankets for bed.  Yep, I think I like the age they are right now.  They're not without their challenges (they never are) but I wouldn't change it for anything, and I'm looking forward (with some trepidation. I'll admit) to the next ten years.  Puberty.  Cars.  Relationships.

Fun times ahead...

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Things I'm loving right now

  • My new kitchen gadget - a spriralizer!!  They were on special for $30 at Stevens (down from the usual $80 or so) so I just had to buy one.  Yay for fresh, raw vege noodles!!!  So far we've tried courgette, cucumber and carrot noodles, and I'm planning on branching out and trying different vegetables like beetroot and eggplant.  It's also fun to experiment with different sauces to dress them in - so far I've tried a spicy tomato pasta sauce and a creamy avocado sauce with courgette, a peanut, coconut and lime dressing with carrot noodles, and last night's dinner was a lemon ginger dressing with cucumber and mint, with roasted broccoli and asparagus.  Yum :)  Look mum, all green!

  • Cold brew coffee - so easy to make.  I bought a packet of coffee filters so I didn't caffeinate my nut milk bags, and I made a small batch using my espresso grind Far East Coffee.  It would probably work a little better with a coarser grind, so next coffee order I think I'll get one bag espresso and one bag plunger grind.  I used this ratio to make it.  Deane and I tried it just with cold filtered water yesterday morning with breakfast.  It was a little weird and took some getting used to (I've only ever had hot coffee) but with summer coming, I think it'll be a regular feature in the fridge for iced coffees.  I had an almond milk iced coffee this morning (1:1 ratio almond milk to coffee mix, with a tiny dash of vanilla and maple syrup).  It was pretty good.  Think I'll experiment a bit with cinnamon and stuff next.  As for black coffee, I think I'll stick to the hot version.  I do have a rather fabulous espresso machine in my kitchen, after all...
  • Fresh berries!!!  Yay for summer fruits :)  Yesterday's breakfast was oatmeal with a dollop of coconut butter (which is also a new awesome purchase) and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  Soooooo good!

  • My new dumbbells.  I've been wanting some of these for aaaaaages - I'm not a boot camp kind of person (plus its expensive) and I didn't like using weights at the gym.  I've been pretty slack at strength training and toning over the last several months, which has resulted in that pesky runner's knee reappearing.  Now I have a set of 4kg dumbbells for use at home, along with a backpack shoved full of towels (last time it was full of yarn, lol!) to use as a medicine ball/sandbag.  No excuses now!

  • Nike+ Training Club.  See above point.  It's weird, but I actually think I missed this kind of workout.  I was reminded quite severely of how out of shape my muscles are last week.  I did a 16 minute HIIT workout on Friday, and had very sore legs on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  It didn't feel too bad at the time and I jumped on my bike for 20 minutes straight after for some cardio (since I can't run) but wow.  It definitely had an effect!  I need to do this more often.  I started a toning program using the N+TC app, and did a 30 minute workout on Tuesday using my dumbbells and backpack.  Wednesday was a 15 minute dynamic yoga session (challenging but good).  This morning was a 45 minute workout.  Definitely feeling it, but not to the extent that I was after Friday's workout.  It hurts, but it's a good hurt.  My knee is feeling better, but not 100%.  I'm going to keep resting it until next week just to be extra sure, then ease back into running slowly.  I have so many runs I want to do over the summer and do not want to be sidelined with injury!
  • Warmer weather - I've brought out my favourite summer skirt again, the one I bought in Thailand in 2010.  Fashion?  Bah!  I do not follow fashion!  I wear what I want ;)  Unfortunately, it's been raining a lot lately (Spring is officially my least favourite season, particularly in Auckland.  Too much rain!  I never thought I'd say that...)
  • My new bracelet - I grabbed a little bag of seed beads, some nylon thread and a small needle on Monday afternoon, suddenly overcome with the need to create something quick and easy.  The result?  This wraparound bracelet.  FYI, it's impossible to 'model' a bracelet on your own wrist without looking like a complete spaz, so here's a random weird picture of my arm, just casually draped on the kitchen bench...
Update: bracelet snapped this morning when I was putting it on.  Boo.  Need better materials...
  • Another A+ paper in the bag.  Yes!!  Just got the notification for the results of my third assignment yesterday - 90%.  The other two assignments for this paper both earned 86%, so it's a guaranteed A+.  Just waiting on the results of the last assignment for the other paper, which is averaging an A.
  • Wellington Chocolate Factory.  Recently devoured (over a few days) a block of coconut milk chocolate.  So good!  Not all their chocolate is vegan (the salted brittle caramel bar has organic butter in it), but most are.  It's nice chocolate, ethically sourced and produced, and the artwork on each of the blocks is beautiful.  Get you some!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Injury. But not that injury.

So.  Last week I conceded that I had an injury - a minor strain of the peroneal tendons in my left leg.  Well, those are fine now.  The rest from running did the trick and sorted it out nicely.  I started up a coaching program on my Nike app for a 10km, with the aim of moving on to the half training in time for Coatesville next March.  I had trash-talked on Facebook with a runner friend about what is and is not an acceptable half marathon time, and we'd agreed to run Coatesville with me attempting a sub 1:45.  My PR is 1:45:22, although that was a training run so it's not 'official'.  I figured that in order to get back to that pace level, I'd need a bit of hard work to build up - speed work, fartleks, tempo runs, hill training, yada yada.  The advanced training program fits that all in quite well.  It gives you something to follow rather than just winging it, which is what I usually do, and end up just running a bunch of LSDs (long slow distance) and mid-distance runs.  The week started out well - I ran the suggested 6.4km with a pick up in speed for the last 1.6km on Monday.  Well, sort of.  I was at the tail end of a nasty head cold so my energy levels weren't the best*.  Tuesday called for a fartlek run of 9.7km - 1.6km warm up, 4.9km fartlek running in two minute intervals (I alternated between 9kmph and 12kmph) then 3.2km cool down.  I used the treadmill for that, just to make it easier to alter pace and keep an eye on the timing, stretching it out to a nice round 10km.

Wednesday was supposed to be an easy 8km.  I geared up at 11am with the intention of heading along Tamaki Drive for an out-and-back, but got as far as Victoria Park before giving up and walking home.  Why?  Runner's Knee, back with a vengeance.  I had lunch and fluffed around for a while.  My knee felt much better and I considered doing a treadmill run instead, before Deane put the kibosh on that.  Fine, call it a rest day then...  Mope, mope, mope...

This morning I set the alarm for 5.30am, planning to run the out-and-back and catch the sunrise.  My knee felt perfectly fine.  I got out of bed and started getting dressed when it started to rain.  Back to bed!  After breakfast, sending the kids to school, and generally waffling around (eg: reading this post by Super Generic Girl and watching these videos about Mal Law's High Five-0 challenge and getting all inspired to run), I jumped on the treadmill to avoid the rain and run that 8km.  Guess what?  Big ol' ball o' Nope.  First 200m?  Fine.  Everything after that?  Ouch.  I stopped at 700m.  Lame!  You come to recognise the niggles that will go away and the ones that are going to persist and keep getting worse.  This was the latter.  Sigh.  The really frustrating thing is that it only hurts when I'm running.  The rest of the time it feels 100% fine, like I could just go for a run without any problems.  I guess I could look on the bright side, and see it as something that I've caught early and can fix relatively quickly.  At least I hope that's the case...

Strengthening exercises, stretching, cross-training.  That's what's happening in the next couple of weeks.  Oh, and Coatesville?  Not gonna happen.  Not because I won't be able to achieve that time, but because it's scheduled for the day after The Hillary (which I pre-registered for months ago).  I can't do both, and I'd far rather run 34km off-road than 21km on-road!  I'll try and beat my PR another day :)

Side notes:
My hair is getting longer - can you call this a pony tail?  LOL!!

I'm getting bored with the extra time and having Deane working at home most days meaning I can't take over the lounge and use it as a home gym.  I made the kids mini pancake kebabs for breakfast yesterday:

And I started this light cotton fingering-weight sweater last Wednesday:

I'm not sure if I have enough green to do all the stripes prescribed in the pattern, so I'm knitting the sleeves now to see what's left before continuing on with the body.  I have a feeling I'm going to run short, and the rest of the body (and the corresponding length of the sleeves) is going to be in the natural.  We'll call it a design feature ;)

Have a good week!  I hope your weather is better than Auckland's.  Spring can kiss my butt.  Bring on summer!

*I say nasty head cold, but I fared better than the rest of the family - my illness lasted a few days and didn't require any form of medication (although that could have something to do with my stubbornness), whereas Deane was a complete write-off for two full days, requiring some pretty heavy-duty cold meds, and was a whiney pain in the ass for a day or two either side.  Healthy eating and fitness for the win!!  

Monday, 3 November 2014


I volunteered at the Auckland Marathon registration on Thursday from 11 to 2.30, on Friday from 9.30 to 2.30, and on race day (Sunday) from 6.30 until about 1.15.  I had the BEST TIME!  It was crazy busy but sooooo much fun!  You start to feel like a broken record - you're repeating the same information over and over to all the participants at registration, and congratulating everyone left right and centre after they've finished their event, but it is such a good feeling being there to help people, knowing they appreciate your time and effort.  I must've said 'thank you' about a million times over the past several days.  I was on timing chip collection in the finish chute and saw the whole gamut - marathoners, half-marathoners, 10km and 5km runners/walkers, and all the kids doing their 2km run to finish off their marathons (which they complete over a month or two through their school, doing cross country running etc).  Some people were bummed that they didn't achieve their goal time, others were elated that they'd run a PB, and many were just so relieved and happy to finish!!  I saw some tears (happy mostly), people injured but determined to finish, one guy alternating between dry-retching into a bin and collapsing on the ground for about 20 minutes (he refused medical help), a few people completing their 100th marathon, and kids whose parents had been so obsessive about attaching their timing chip to their shoes it took a good five minutes to get them off!  Crazy ;)

I missed most of the people I knew who were running in the events, the finishing area was absolute chaos for most of the morning.  I did get to see Martin after he finished though, met a fellow Instagrammer (thearcherygeek) and saw a lady I'd been working with on Thursday at the half marathon registration desk.  

We were instructed not to remove timing chips from shoes ourselves (otherwise we'd end up stuck down there all morning doing the same for everyone) but many people were just so exhausted or sore that you kind of felt like you had to.  I would've felt bad making them do it themselves.  I must've removed at least 30 or 40 tags myself.  I was a little miffed at the few people who commented, in a not so nice way, that it should be done for everyone.  I understand their point of view, and this would be fine for a smaller event, but when you're dealing with tens of thousands of finishers it's really not practical.  Not to mention that if you were crouched down removing chips from 8.30 to 1 your back would be pretty stuffed by the end of it!

I also got a snarky look from a lady when I asked her and her group of five to move on from the chairs they'd been sitting in for the last 15 minutes to make way for other finishers.  She wasn't impressed.  I'm guessing she was a little oblivious to the fact that hundreds of people were filtering through and needed the seats, because she and her friends were too busy having a good old catch-up and chatting about the race.  Marathoners were actually standing around and waiting for seats so they could sit down and remove their chips, knowing they wouldn't be able to bend down without falling over.

And OMG the shambles when the kids started coming in - anxious parents everywhere, too impatient to wait until the kids had filtered through the finish chute.  We'd been warned about this (last year the hordes of parents actually broke the fencing!!) but nothing could prepare you for the mayhem that ensued.  Luckily that was fairly short-lived, since all the kids finished at around the same time, and we could return to regular-level adult chaos ;)

Crazy fun, exhausting, inspiring, sad, happy, frustrating, hilarious, entertaining (some of the costumes! Wow!)...  All the feels.  I would happily do it all over again.  Although next year I think I'd like to help at registration and then spectate for race day - I want to make a crazy sign and cheer like a mad woman, giving out high fives to everyone.  It will be awesome :)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Little things

This post is just a random conglomeration of little things that are on my mind at the moment.  Bear with me:

  • I finished T's Slytherin scarf yesterday.  It was going to be for his birthday at the end of next month, but he was so happy it was finished and wanted to wear it straight away (and for school today) that I couldn't really say no.  I mean, could you say no to this?  So cute!!

The original size was going to be way too big for my little guy, so I altered the pattern slightly by casting on 70 stitches and knitting a 20-2-4-2 row pattern (instead of 90 stitches with a 27-3-5-3 pattern).  You can see the size difference this created with X's original size Gryffindor scarf for comparison:

I used just over five balls of Countrywide Yarns Windsor 8ply for the green (shade 34), and about 2/3 to 3/4 of a ball of Naturally Loyal 8ply for the grey/silver (shade 940).

  • I swapped from my iPhone to a Samsung smart phone on Deane's insistence that it would have a better battery life, and because he thinks I am enslaved by the iMentality (I don't think so, I just like the operating system on my phone because it's easy to use.  And anyway, he was the one that bought me an iPhone in the first place, so really, it's his fault).  And I have to say, the camera is totally harshing my Instagram buzz.  All the photos are blurry and the lighting is terrible...  I am aware that my photography skills are crap anyway, and seriously, what can you expect with a smartphone camera, but still...  Not to mention, the battery life in the Samsung is actually no better than my iPhone - they both only last half a day before needing a recharge.  So I'm going to swap back.  The apps on the Samsung are buggy anyway.
  • I have very mildly strained the peroneal tendons in my left leg/foot (as far as I can tell by self-diagnosis using the internet, because we all know how reliable and accurate that is).  This was most likely caused by running on the side of the road with quite a sharp camber for an extended period of time on Sunday.  Not to mention the whole running 25km in old shoes after two weeks of rest following a marathon blah blah blah.  So this week, again, I am resting.  I had planned on doing a bunch of other exercise but have re-evaluated this based on how my foot and ankle has been feeling over the last couple of days, ie: not good.  I concede, I have an injury.  Boo.
  • Our Foodbox delivery this week is a day later than usual due to Labour Weekend.  We have completely run out of fruit and vegetables except for half a bag of frozen baby peas, a handful of frozen berries and a tin of peaches.  I am not okay with this situation!  Yes, I could've gone to the supermarket and bought a few things to tide us over but I'm trying to spend as little as possible at the moment.  I have considered cancelling my weekly Foodbox order and going back to buying my own produce, but that would likely end up being much more expensive.  I have to avert my eyes when walking (speedily) through the produce section of the supermarket because I want to buy ALL THE THINGS.  Blueberries are $14 a punnet?  Who cares?  FRESH BLUEBERRIES!  Dragon fruit $5 a pop?  YAAAAAY DRAGON FRUIT!  Mangoes!  Raspberries!  Kale!  Sugar snap peas!  Papaya!  Cherry tomatoes!  Watermelon!  Alllllllll the things!!!!  You see my problem?  My kids aren't big on veges.  Deane eats some but prefers dead animals for nourishment.  I can only eat so much, so despite wanting to buy and eat everything, I physically cannot do it, and produce invariably ends up going to waste, which is sad.  And expensive.  Or I need to be better at freezing stuff.  In any case, I cannot wait for today's fresh produce delivery!
  • I recently spent half a day restocking my freezer with single serves of pre-cooked brown rice, chickpeas, beans and brown lentils.  It takes a little organisation (and a lot of mini containers), but the convenience of being able to grab something out and quickly defrost it under some running water (or taking it out ahead of time and leaving it to defrost if you planned ahead) is totally worth it:

  • Extra time on my hands, and a recently completed scarf, brought out the return of the fugly blanket.  It's getting bigger, but I'm pretty much out of colours now, unless I want the rest of the blanket to be green, grey, white and red.  And this photo is fantastic evidence of just how shitty the Samsung phone camera is.  This is the best picture I could get:

  • T was sick all Labour weekend.  He passed his germs on to X who spent yesterday at home, and is home again today.  T decided to make him comfy on the couch before heading off to school this morning:

Ridiculous, but very cute and sweet.  Ah, brotherly love...
  • I'm volunteering at the Auckland Marathon this week - both Thursday and Friday at registration, and on Sunday (race day).  I'm really excited about it!  Hopefully I won't screw anything up :)  I've always admired and appreciated the effort volunteers put in to behind-the-scenes work for running (and other sporting) events, so it will be nice to be on the other side for a change.  The weather over the last few days has been rather wet and miserable (although I thoroughly enjoyed this morning's thunder storm), but it looks like it'll clear up nicely in time for Sunday.  Fingers crossed!  And if you're running in the event, good luck!  I might see you there :)

Monday, 27 October 2014

How NOT to return to running after a marathon

  1. DO NOT attempt to run 30km after a two week break following your first ever marathon
  2. DO NOT wear shoes that have done over 850km and are likely to have worn out midsoles
I managed to hold out a full two weeks with no running.  It was tough, but I did it.  Of course, upon resuming the sport (yes, it is a sport), one presumes one is supposed to ease back into running in terms of distance and speed.  Well, not this idiot.  Such was my enthusiasm for getting back into it, I decided to run a cruisy 30km (!!!) on Sunday with Rob, who is training for the Queenstown Marathon in November.  We met out in Maraetai at Te Puru Park, and headed off on our run at a leisurely 6'30"ish pace through Beachlands and Omana Regional Park.  We met up with Deb at the beachfront after about 12.5km and continued on along the Maraetai Coast Road to Duder Regional Park before turning around and heading back.  By the time we reached Duder, my knees were getting quite sore.  On the way back along the Coast Road, it was fairly evident I wasn't going to make the full 30km - the pain in my left knee was radiating up my thigh and down my shin.  I had to take several walk breaks along the way.  Rob took pity on me and decided to call it quits at Deb's car, 25.8km in, rather than continuing on back to Te Puru.  Brunch was in order at one of the local cafes so it wasn't a complete let down, but I was disappointed to discover that my old nemesis - Runner's Knee - has never truly left me.

Ah, yes... Runner's Knee.  It deserves capitalisation.  Thinking that I had fully recovered from the marathon (how could I not be?  I felt really good, and I hadn't run in two weeks just to be extra careful!) I did not expect to be dealing with this.  Sure, a 5km or 10km run would probably have been a better option, but damn.  Are you kidding me?!?

Today, my knees are a little stiff and sore in various places, and I've noticed a dull pain that extends from the arch of my left foot, up the back left side of my ankle, all the way up to my thigh.  Must. Do. Stretches.

Looks like the next week will be full of yoga, cross training, walking, cycling and maybe some swimming.  I'll see how I feel by the weekend and decide whether or not to go for another run.  Here's a tip for you: do not neglect your strengthening exercises!  Lunges, squats, core work, etc etc etc.  This is a timely reminder that I really need to get back into it.

It was a good run - the scenery was beautiful despite the overcast day (which was actually perfect for running - not too hot, not too cold, and zero chance of sunburn), it was just unfortunate that my body wasn't quite prepared for it.  And I forgot to take my phone with me, so I don't have any pictures :(  I'll have to go back again some time to remedy that, and hopefully complete the run sans painful knee issues.  I am not prepared to call it an injury.  Not yet.  I'm not ready to give up my injury-free year quite that easily!

Sunday, 19 October 2014


How are you supposed to feel after you achieve something you've been working towards for weeks?  Months?  Years, even?

What do you do once you've accomplished a life goal?

I really don't know...

So far, this week has very much been a case of putting my feet up.

Today's view, from one end of the couch to the other.  So lazy.

I pretty much read that whole novel this week.  It's a big 'un.  And, as always, it was amazeballs - Diana Gabaldon sure knows how to write.  I blubbered like a complete spaz numerous times, especially at the end.  God, when did I turn into such a girl?  ::horrified::

I have still worked on my assignments because they're due in two weeks and nobody else is going to do them for me.  Believe me, I considered just not doing them and still getting a passing grade, but that thought was very fleeting.  I couldn't live with that level of laziness.  Plus I've become accustomed to achieving B+ or higher - a C-grade paper just wouldn't fly.  And I know that I'm taking a study break at the end of this trimester so there's really no excuse to be slack about it now.  But I haven't really done anything else.  Cooking was minimal with Deane and X away at school camp for most of the week.  T eats a limited range of foods so he was easy to feed, and I mostly ate salad or cereal or whatever.  My fitbit stats are looking pretty sloppy - I've only done about 42,000 steps over the week.  Pathetic effort.  I haven't done my housework.  Not complaining about that, just quietly...  I've got to the point where I'm scared to even look at my garden for fear it will try to attack me.  Side note: anybody know a gardener-type person that would be willing to put in a couple hours a month in exchange for food or knitted items?  Worth a try.  I really, really hate gardening...

True to my word, and sticking to all those post-marathon recommendations, I haven't run a step.  Well, that's a lie.  I jogged across a road.  For like, three seconds.  But other than that, no running at all.  I've been thinking about it a lot though.  Several times a day.  I haven't been this inactive in years.  It's... unsettling...  I'm trying to hold off until I've finished the assignments, although I'm starting to wonder why.  Or indeed, if I can.  Surely, I could sneak out for an early morning run before everyone got up, without it affecting study time?  I'm pretty sure I'm fully recovered from last weekend unless you count a couple of black toenails.  And really, who would be silly enough to wait for those to heal?  You'd be waiting for months...  I'm seriously considering a long run next weekend, but have to choose between Waitakeres with Richard (hard work, lots of hills) or Beachlands with Rob (easier terrain, but probably longer distance).  I can't decide :(

It's weird.  I don't feel any different for having run a marathon.  Not just a marathon, a bloody hard trail marathon with over 1,800m elevation gain.  I kind of thought I would.  I guess it's the same as not feeling any older the day of your birthday.  I don't feel any different now that I'm 35 either.  I have my race number stuck on the fridge, and my medals hanging on the bookshelf in the lounge.  I like seeing them there, reminding me that I have actually done something I set out to do a year or two ago and have been working towards for some time.  I quite distinctly remember thinking numerous times during the run that I wouldn't be able to do it, and I was never going to do anything this crazy and ridiculous ever again.  But I got there by just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to quiet the negative thoughts, and when it was over I actually felt pretty good.  Now, I know I can do it again if I want.  It's nice to know all those motivational quotes you see everywhere aren't just a complete load of bollocks ;)  I probably need to spend less time on Pinterest though...

One thing that is different is that I am perfectly content to drink alcohol again, knowing it won't affect my training.  I've consumed more wine in the past week than in the last six months combined.  Although just between you and me, I don't really drink a lot, so that's still not very much ;)

Longer term, I have plans for running the Coastesville Classic half marathon again next year, perhaps the Tussock Traverse 26km, and The Hillary 34km.  I'd like Deane and the boys to run the 5km Colour Run with me - I think they'd enjoy it, and the point of that event isn't to run fast, it's to take your time and get as colourful as you can.  Other than that, I'd like to run a road marathon at some point.  Road running and trail running are vastly different, so it'd be good to do one of each.  Trail marathons take longer, have waaaaay more hills, and are pretty rugged, but road marathons are tough too because you're running faster and don't have as many walking breaks.  Also, there are people around watching you walk run.  It's a whole different ball game.

I can't call myself a marathon runner yet, but I'd like to be able to.  Of course, I have to actually run a marathon first.  A road marathon, I mean.  Call me bonkers, but I almost feel as though a trail marathon doesn't really count as 'a Marathon'.  It's hard to explain...

It may be the inactivity driving me a little loopy, but I'm starting to think that running a road marathon and a trail marathon once a year isn't such a bad idea...

Just thought I'd leave you with this wee gem - it's eerily accurate to my usual state of being:

Yes, I stole the picture off a greeting card website, hence the logo.  Sorry.

Have a good week :)