Monday, 29 June 2009

Obsession #7

At least I think it's obsession #7 - let's see (please note, these are listed in no particular order): Harry Potter, reading, knitting, socks (knitted of course), hats (knitted or otherwise), patchwork/quilting, and now... SCARVES!!!

I can't think of any others at the moment, so this must be it, or perhaps others have dropped off the list to be replaced by newer, shinier obsessions :-)

In the past couple of months, whilst still obsessing about Harry Potter (mostly), knitting, and in particular knitting socks, I inadvertently started a new craze - of my own - and have made (so far) three scarves, and have two more on the needles, with another lined up ready to be started on the 1st July. Yes there is a reason for a specific start date, I'll get to that shortly.

There are two scarves the same, but different colours, which were made specifically for the upcoming Harry Potter Weekend (see previous post):

HP Weekend Luna Scarf 3
This is mine, Tania's is exactly the same but white (this style of scarf is worn by Luna Lovegood in one of the HP movies, Order of the Phoenix I think).

I just finished today the Dark Mark Illusion scarf for Deane:

now you see it...
DM Scarf Illusion

now you don't! (May have to pinch this scarf back, it's kinda cool)
DM Scarf No Illusion

I currently have on the needles a scarf I am making for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange buddy in Canada:

RSE Round #4 Haruha Scarf

Loving the yarn I got for this, it's 80% Angora, 20% Merino. Soooooo soft (but freaking expensive!!) My upstream buddy is from Germany - wonder what she'll send? Unfortunately I have to wait until September, unless she sends it earlier.

Also on the needles is a 'secret' project for X, he's been asking for one recently and I thought I might surprise him - a Gryffindor scarf (as seen in Prizoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix movies):

Xavier's Gryffindor Scarf

As you can see it's knit in the round so it ends up as a big long tube, which gets closed up when you add the tassels at the ends. I'm only knitting this at night when X is asleep, so it may take a while.

The scarf I'm starting on 1st July is for a Knit-Along on Ravelry, a design created from a picture of Professor Lupin's scarf in one of the Harry Potter movies - it's an Aran knit (lots of cables etc) so it'll be a bit of a challenge - should be fun! I promise to post pics of all finished scarves upon completion :-) By then we should have the camera well and truly sorted. Can't believe it was as simple as going on TradeMe and finding a replacement battery charger for $20, and getting a new memory card. Who'd have thunk it?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Harry Potter Overload!!!

The excitement is building...

I have finished my special 'Harry Potter Packs' for myself and my bestie Tans, hers is on the way up to Napier as I type this post (fingers crossed the NZ Postal system doesn't fail!). I've placed my order for a special treat for us to enjoy over 'Harry Potter Weekend', and final details have been confirmed for this. The DVD's are in hand (when were they not?) and I've got several ideas floating around in my head for what else to do before the 17th July, when Tans arrives via bus.

You'd think this was enough for a Harry Potter obsessed freak like myself - alas, no. I've just finished listening to Jim Dale reading Prizoner of Azkaban (by the way, his voices are irritating, I'd recommend Stephen Fry), I've got four chapters of Half Blood Prince to catch up on for the Read-Along on Ravelry, and I'm itching to watch PoA now that I've finished the book (again) and it's been a while since I watched Chamber of Secrets (I have this thing about watching them in order, I don't know why - it's not like it'll ruin the story line for me!!)

As if that's not all, I'm knitting a Dark Mark Illusion scarf for Deane which, by the way, is awesome! And no, it wasn't my idea. Okay, I showed him a picture of it and kind of suggested I make one, but he was the one that convinced me to make it for him. The good thing about that is, we're making a Professor Lupin scarf for July's Knit-Along (it's this gorgeous length of cabled loveliness) which I will totally be keeping for myself!! I was originally going to make one for Deane, but since he insisted on having the Dark Mark scarf, well, what is a girl to do?

I've sent my swap pack to my downstream swap buddy in the UK full of Harry Potter goodness, and anxiously await the arrival of mine from Canada. By the way - overseas postage is way expensive. If it weren't so much fun, I totally wouldn't do it again. However, I love getting packages in the mail (it's like Christmas!) so I think I'll continue, and remember to factor the postage into the budget calculations from now on.

I think that may be it for Harry Potter stuff for now, until I get a little further through Half Blood Prince. I'm noting down all the different names of sweets Dumbledore uses as passwords to get into his office, and I'm going to go to Cool Brittania and see if they have them all. I know they have Sherbet Lemons, wonder if they have Toffee Eclairs and Acid Pops??

Less than a month to go now...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Oh, Joyous Day!

Today started out - ok. We decided to keep X home, as he has a yucky phlegmy cough that we don't want him passing on to the other children. He's really not that good at covering his mouth, and could you imagine the panic? "Argh, piggy sick!!" Let's not go there...

So trotted out of the house at the usual time of 8.15am to drop T at kindy. I'm so glad I finished knitting his wee mitts the other day, it was very cold this morning. Even better, he likes wearing them :-) On arrival at kindy T decided he wanted to wear his slippers (also knitted by me of course) so swapped his footwear, kissed him goodbye and away I went.

When I got home there was a lovely surprise in my letter box - the three skeins of sock yarn I ordered from Needle Food on Sunday. Yay!! Prompt service is always good, and I love the colours. Haven't decided what to do with this 'Espresso':


or this 'Blueberry Crush':


quite yet, I may be nice and knit hubby a pair of socks - possibly - we'll just have to see...

However, this 'Lavender Infusion':


is being sent to my swap buddy over in the UK. I'm sure she'll love it, purple being her favourite colour :-)

This afternoon is my second Board meeting for Peppercorn Press (NZ Books) the latest issue of which is now available for sale - with my name in it!! Ooh I feel special (don't worry, the novelty will wear off shortly).

Dinner is slowly bubbling away in my crockpot (best invention ever!), and it's been a busy work day, but good. Tonight I have a Guild Committee meeting, and tomorrow night is stitching group. Last night I had book group which was full of the usual raucous laughter, on the way to which I managed a little gift giving which always gives me the warm fuzzies, especially when you know it's appreciated. It's a good day, and a good week overall so far. Looking forward to tomorrow...

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Food, Glorious Food!!

Must rave about this fantastic restaurant I went to last night - the awesomeness that is Fratelli. Run by a friend of a friend, it's a fledgling Italian restaurant, but the whole operation was run so smoothly you'd swear it had been around for years.

Arriving around 7pm, a lovely Italian girl came to take drinks orders, handed round menus etc. Shortly after the drinks arrived and she took orders for starters. These came out promptly and were delicious. Plates were cleared efficiently and mains orders were taken. With just the right amount of time between ordering and food delivery for chatting, we tucked in to our main course.

Let me just say - heaven!! I ordered pan fried gnocchi with bocconcini, rocket and caramelised red onion. Oh - my - God - it was lovely. I opted to have it without the coppa (prosciutto), although my friend ordered the same dish with coppa - equally gorgeous. All six of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals, some were kind enough to share a bite with the other party members. Again, the plates were promptly cleared away once we'd all finished. A little later we ordered dessert - I had tiramisu (of course) shared with a friend. Yum! Best tiramisu ever to be had.

There was no room left in our happy tummies for coffee or anything else (although some of our party munched on a complimentary Mintie on the way out).

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience - the front of house staff were excellent, the wait staff very professional, the food was absolutely amazing, the restaurant was packed full the entire time we were there. We only felt the need to leave when we realised there was a bar full of people waiting for tables. I highly recommend going to this restaurant - you will not regret it.

Situated at 15 Blair Street, Wellington Central. AWESOME!!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Being Wellingtonian...

I feel that I am now a fully fledged Wellingtonian...

I've lived here for a little oveer 18 months now, and have always been astounded at the stupidity of pedestrians in and around the CBD area - their ability to calmly walk out in front of a swiftly moving bus without noticing, only to look at the very last second and be surprised at the fact that said bus was hurtling towards them at 50kmph. Clearly a 'Wellington thing'.

I am now one of these people.

How I managed to become one of these people is a little beyond me. I am still astounded at the stupidity of it - that is to say, I am astounded at my own stupidity. There I was, ambling along Willis Street, keeping an eye on the traffic heading towards Lambton Quay, having a quiet giggle at a pedestrian on the other side of the road who nearly walked out into this traffic and had to step back to avoid it. Once all this traffic was clear I walked out onto the road - without checking the other direction first - and lo and behold, a bus had to screech on the brakes to avoid hitting me! I hot-footed it to the other side of the street (I am not a cat, I will not stop and change direction, therefore taking longer) managing to spill my coffee over my sleeve in the process. What a waste of good Mojo coffee. Yes, I do realise how very lucky I am the bus was not any closer. I rang my husband to remark on my idiocy. His first thought?

"I don't have you insured, do I?"

Friday, 5 June 2009

First Ever - aaarghhh :-/

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post!! Just for a bit of background, I thought I'd start up a blog so my friends and family can easily find out what I'm up to, as we moved from Napier 18 months ago, and in about six months we'll (probably) be moving to Auckland. Hubby has plans to head over to the UK in a few years so...

Friends from Napier, Wellington, and future friends from anywhere and everywhere can just check here to see what I'm up to!!

So... about me... the first (or should I say my first) edition of New Zealand Books is due out next week - with my name in it!! Of course I didn't actually publish anything, but my name is still listed in the publication :-) Page two I believe - under the heading 'Business Coordinator'. Sounds so important doesn't it? In all honesty the job is easy and fun, requires minimal time and effort, and a learning experience all at the same time. Looking forward to seeing it on the shelves. Note to self: keep a copy!

Otherwise I'm busy knitting up a storm and looking after the boys of the house - although not so much today. My house is looking decidedly disheveled at the moment - I have accomplished absolutely nothing today - hooray for me. Nothing quite like fluffing around all day doing diddly squat. I did do a bit of bookwork for kindy, and managed to spend half an hour in Starbucks eating a muffin, drinking a yummy caramel macchiato, and knitting (of course).

Glad I was in town today - there was that whole thing with a bunch of random people who stand still as statues for like five minutes in the middle of the street. Only ever seen it on TV before - it was pretty cool :-)

Anyway, enough rambling for now - soon as I get a decent camera phone (or an actual camera - could you imagine!!) I'll post pics of current knitting projects. Until then, my blog page will look a bit bland. Deepest apologies...