Monday, 8 June 2009

Being Wellingtonian...

I feel that I am now a fully fledged Wellingtonian...

I've lived here for a little oveer 18 months now, and have always been astounded at the stupidity of pedestrians in and around the CBD area - their ability to calmly walk out in front of a swiftly moving bus without noticing, only to look at the very last second and be surprised at the fact that said bus was hurtling towards them at 50kmph. Clearly a 'Wellington thing'.

I am now one of these people.

How I managed to become one of these people is a little beyond me. I am still astounded at the stupidity of it - that is to say, I am astounded at my own stupidity. There I was, ambling along Willis Street, keeping an eye on the traffic heading towards Lambton Quay, having a quiet giggle at a pedestrian on the other side of the road who nearly walked out into this traffic and had to step back to avoid it. Once all this traffic was clear I walked out onto the road - without checking the other direction first - and lo and behold, a bus had to screech on the brakes to avoid hitting me! I hot-footed it to the other side of the street (I am not a cat, I will not stop and change direction, therefore taking longer) managing to spill my coffee over my sleeve in the process. What a waste of good Mojo coffee. Yes, I do realise how very lucky I am the bus was not any closer. I rang my husband to remark on my idiocy. His first thought?

"I don't have you insured, do I?"

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