Friday, 5 June 2009

First Ever - aaarghhh :-/

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post!! Just for a bit of background, I thought I'd start up a blog so my friends and family can easily find out what I'm up to, as we moved from Napier 18 months ago, and in about six months we'll (probably) be moving to Auckland. Hubby has plans to head over to the UK in a few years so...

Friends from Napier, Wellington, and future friends from anywhere and everywhere can just check here to see what I'm up to!!

So... about me... the first (or should I say my first) edition of New Zealand Books is due out next week - with my name in it!! Of course I didn't actually publish anything, but my name is still listed in the publication :-) Page two I believe - under the heading 'Business Coordinator'. Sounds so important doesn't it? In all honesty the job is easy and fun, requires minimal time and effort, and a learning experience all at the same time. Looking forward to seeing it on the shelves. Note to self: keep a copy!

Otherwise I'm busy knitting up a storm and looking after the boys of the house - although not so much today. My house is looking decidedly disheveled at the moment - I have accomplished absolutely nothing today - hooray for me. Nothing quite like fluffing around all day doing diddly squat. I did do a bit of bookwork for kindy, and managed to spend half an hour in Starbucks eating a muffin, drinking a yummy caramel macchiato, and knitting (of course).

Glad I was in town today - there was that whole thing with a bunch of random people who stand still as statues for like five minutes in the middle of the street. Only ever seen it on TV before - it was pretty cool :-)

Anyway, enough rambling for now - soon as I get a decent camera phone (or an actual camera - could you imagine!!) I'll post pics of current knitting projects. Until then, my blog page will look a bit bland. Deepest apologies...

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