Saturday, 13 June 2009

Food, Glorious Food!!

Must rave about this fantastic restaurant I went to last night - the awesomeness that is Fratelli. Run by a friend of a friend, it's a fledgling Italian restaurant, but the whole operation was run so smoothly you'd swear it had been around for years.

Arriving around 7pm, a lovely Italian girl came to take drinks orders, handed round menus etc. Shortly after the drinks arrived and she took orders for starters. These came out promptly and were delicious. Plates were cleared efficiently and mains orders were taken. With just the right amount of time between ordering and food delivery for chatting, we tucked in to our main course.

Let me just say - heaven!! I ordered pan fried gnocchi with bocconcini, rocket and caramelised red onion. Oh - my - God - it was lovely. I opted to have it without the coppa (prosciutto), although my friend ordered the same dish with coppa - equally gorgeous. All six of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals, some were kind enough to share a bite with the other party members. Again, the plates were promptly cleared away once we'd all finished. A little later we ordered dessert - I had tiramisu (of course) shared with a friend. Yum! Best tiramisu ever to be had.

There was no room left in our happy tummies for coffee or anything else (although some of our party munched on a complimentary Mintie on the way out).

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience - the front of house staff were excellent, the wait staff very professional, the food was absolutely amazing, the restaurant was packed full the entire time we were there. We only felt the need to leave when we realised there was a bar full of people waiting for tables. I highly recommend going to this restaurant - you will not regret it.

Situated at 15 Blair Street, Wellington Central. AWESOME!!!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your night out, not that I will ever get to go to it as dad would never go to a restuarant like that unless it had normal food and beer