Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Harry Potter Overload!!!

The excitement is building...

I have finished my special 'Harry Potter Packs' for myself and my bestie Tans, hers is on the way up to Napier as I type this post (fingers crossed the NZ Postal system doesn't fail!). I've placed my order for a special treat for us to enjoy over 'Harry Potter Weekend', and final details have been confirmed for this. The DVD's are in hand (when were they not?) and I've got several ideas floating around in my head for what else to do before the 17th July, when Tans arrives via bus.

You'd think this was enough for a Harry Potter obsessed freak like myself - alas, no. I've just finished listening to Jim Dale reading Prizoner of Azkaban (by the way, his voices are irritating, I'd recommend Stephen Fry), I've got four chapters of Half Blood Prince to catch up on for the Read-Along on Ravelry, and I'm itching to watch PoA now that I've finished the book (again) and it's been a while since I watched Chamber of Secrets (I have this thing about watching them in order, I don't know why - it's not like it'll ruin the story line for me!!)

As if that's not all, I'm knitting a Dark Mark Illusion scarf for Deane which, by the way, is awesome! And no, it wasn't my idea. Okay, I showed him a picture of it and kind of suggested I make one, but he was the one that convinced me to make it for him. The good thing about that is, we're making a Professor Lupin scarf for July's Knit-Along (it's this gorgeous length of cabled loveliness) which I will totally be keeping for myself!! I was originally going to make one for Deane, but since he insisted on having the Dark Mark scarf, well, what is a girl to do?

I've sent my swap pack to my downstream swap buddy in the UK full of Harry Potter goodness, and anxiously await the arrival of mine from Canada. By the way - overseas postage is way expensive. If it weren't so much fun, I totally wouldn't do it again. However, I love getting packages in the mail (it's like Christmas!) so I think I'll continue, and remember to factor the postage into the budget calculations from now on.

I think that may be it for Harry Potter stuff for now, until I get a little further through Half Blood Prince. I'm noting down all the different names of sweets Dumbledore uses as passwords to get into his office, and I'm going to go to Cool Brittania and see if they have them all. I know they have Sherbet Lemons, wonder if they have Toffee Eclairs and Acid Pops??

Less than a month to go now...

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