Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Oh, Joyous Day!

Today started out - ok. We decided to keep X home, as he has a yucky phlegmy cough that we don't want him passing on to the other children. He's really not that good at covering his mouth, and could you imagine the panic? "Argh, piggy sick!!" Let's not go there...

So trotted out of the house at the usual time of 8.15am to drop T at kindy. I'm so glad I finished knitting his wee mitts the other day, it was very cold this morning. Even better, he likes wearing them :-) On arrival at kindy T decided he wanted to wear his slippers (also knitted by me of course) so swapped his footwear, kissed him goodbye and away I went.

When I got home there was a lovely surprise in my letter box - the three skeins of sock yarn I ordered from Needle Food on Sunday. Yay!! Prompt service is always good, and I love the colours. Haven't decided what to do with this 'Espresso':


or this 'Blueberry Crush':


quite yet, I may be nice and knit hubby a pair of socks - possibly - we'll just have to see...

However, this 'Lavender Infusion':


is being sent to my swap buddy over in the UK. I'm sure she'll love it, purple being her favourite colour :-)

This afternoon is my second Board meeting for Peppercorn Press (NZ Books) the latest issue of which is now available for sale - with my name in it!! Ooh I feel special (don't worry, the novelty will wear off shortly).

Dinner is slowly bubbling away in my crockpot (best invention ever!), and it's been a busy work day, but good. Tonight I have a Guild Committee meeting, and tomorrow night is stitching group. Last night I had book group which was full of the usual raucous laughter, on the way to which I managed a little gift giving which always gives me the warm fuzzies, especially when you know it's appreciated. It's a good day, and a good week overall so far. Looking forward to tomorrow...


  1. Is now a good time to mention we're going to be at Craft2.0 in July in Wellington? :)

    Thank you for the mention - have added you to our blogroll!

  2. Ooh yay, I'm on somebody's blogroll!!