Monday, 27 July 2009

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning...

As you may have noticed from previous posts, I'm venturing into the world of spinning. To start off, I bought an Ashford student spindle for the low low price of $8 (plus postage), and they were kind enough to send a 50g sample of Polwarth roving, which turned into this, possibly enough for a small hat:

First Yarn

Then I moved on to my red romney roving (say that five times fast!!), which is still on the spindle. I'll finish it eventually, although I'm not yet sure what I'll do with it. Perhaps socks?? It depends on the finished yardage I guess. There's around 220g, so hopefully there'll be enough. Maybe ankle socks :-)


My latest love however, is this:

Margaret's WheelMargaret's Wheel

He belongs to my friend Margaret. Built around the late 1930's to early 1940's by A. Toop & Son of Havelock North, who, as builders with not much to do, were contracted out by John L Moore (the designer and creator of The Karure and Miro spinning wheels) to build wheels, thought to be used during WWII to spin wool for socks. Margaret kindly dug him out of her attic, gave him a good clean, and passed him on to me. With a bit of TLC (and good old kiwi ingenuity) I got him going. So far I've managed to spin an entire bobbin, and I'm part way through the second. After having worked with him for a while, I've come to appreciate his ruggedness and simplicity, and have affectionately named him Klat. He's rickety and wobbly, and makes a soothing clattering noise when you spin. Quite relaxing in the evenings when all is quiet (eg: Deane out of the house and the boys in bed!)

This is the behemoth pile of roving I scored off a Quilt Guild member for $20, and what it's turning into:

Carded FleeceGrey unknown fleece

All up there's 595g, so perhaps I'll be able to make a jersey for X (if he'll wear it)... Anyway, I'm having a ton of fun spinning my own yarn, can't wait to try out hand dyed roving, and digging my Ashford Traditional wheel out to give it another go. I may just need my own room in our Auckland apartment (when we find one) for all my craft stuff - it's kinda running away from me a bit!! And Margaret, you're such an enabler (^_^)

I managed to get to Craft 2.0 on Saturday as hoped, lined up in the queue before 10am to get a gift bag, and proceeded straight to the Needle Food table to buy my lovely worsted weight yarn, which will (hopefully!) become a vest.

Needle Food 'Spruce'

Isn't it pretty?!? Anyway, time's a-wasting sitting here typing this post, I could be knitting or spinning :-) Until next time...

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