Monday, 6 July 2009

School Holidays... sigh

We have officially begun the school holidays - Monday is nearly over (at least for the boys). Today went surprisingly well all things considered.

Just for a bit of back history (in case you aren't aware) I hate school holidays. I love my children dearly, but by God they drive me crazy! They're the kind of kids you can deal with in small doses, after that they just get annoying. Whining, fighting, messing things up, constantly wanting snacks, refusing to tidy up, the usual kid stuff. To be fair to them, I'm probably just a really intolerant person when it comes to whining, mess and noise. I much prefer peace and quiet, which tend to go well with my hobbies, often considered solitary pursuits (unless you do them in the company of a bunch of yakking, cackling women - which makes them all much more fun!!) In any case, I usually end up teetering on the brink of insanity towards the end of the holidays, and can't wait for school to start again. Two weeks is a long time with my boys at home!

Today though, we actually managed to get through the day with very little yelling on my part, and we completely reorganised their toy room! Granted, I did most of the organising, but the boys actually helped (sort of, at least at the beginning), we went to the park this afternoon, and there was only a limited amount of X Box. Quite an achievement if you ask me :-)

Tomorrow I plan to get them in the kitchen, baking banana muffins (my freezer is crammed full of over ripe bananas - must do something with them!!) In the afternoon, they'll have friends over, with one staying the night. We've never had anyone stay over (various reasons, ie: see above, and previous post) so it should be an experience for all!

Hopefully they'll all keep each other occupied enough that I can carry on with my knitting. Here's a pic of the hat I made for a wee 6 month old baby girl:

Lily's Hat
Seriously - how cute is that?!?

And here's a progress pic of my Lupin scarf - it's really fun to knit, especially since I found out how to knit cables without a cable needle (much easier):

Lupin Scarf
Isn't it pretty??

I've been having a bit of fun learning to spin on a top whorl drop spindle too - progress so far...

My spinning
He he, looks a bit of a mess doesn't it? Oh well, practice makes perfect, right?

Well anyway, "that's all, folks!"

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