Friday, 24 July 2009

The week that was (part 2)

So, on Friday at 12.40pm I arrived at Wellington Airport, wandered through the food court area and found my best friend Tans chowing down on some Indian food for lunch(yum!). Did the standard meet and greet, wandered off to find my luggage (which took slightly less time than in Auckland - what is with the baggage departments at airports??) and we headed off downstairs to find transport home. Incidentally, it found us. Random guy practically jumps out at us and says "where you headed? $10 each, door to door, I'm leaving in two minutes". Sweet!

We arrived at my place, dropped off the bags etc, then headed in to town for a spot of shopping, a Mojo coffee (my fave!) and to get the surprise treat I'd planned for, like, a year.

Nice, slightly boring looking box...

Was hiding - THIS!!! Cupcakes

And let me tell you, they were goooooooooooood :-) Mocha, dark chocolate and raspberry (the best!), and white chocolate mudcake were the flavours I'd chosen, all excellent. We had to pace ourselves over the entire weekend with these, as they were quite rich (at least the icing was). Entirely edible, even the glittery stars (marzipan) and pictures (printed on white chocolate). Yum.

Friday night we watched the Dralion DVD so Tans could see it before handing it over to my mum - slightly different to what we saw live, as this DVD was filmed in a different country, but still good. Then, off to bed.

Saturday morning we were up 'bright and early' (he he - 8am!). I put dinner on for the evening meal (I love crockpots!!) and we settled in to watch the first movie. Then the second. Then the third. Some time around the beginning of the fourth movie the boys arrived home so we sat down and ate dinner, got the kids in bed, and shooed Deane out of the lounge. Then we proceeded to watch the fourth and fifth movies, finishing earlier than expected at around 10-10.30ish. During the day we nibbled on various HP themed delights:

Sherbet Lemons, Acid Drops (as close as I could get to acid pops), Toffee Eclairs, butterbeer (not bad, but kinda sickening), and hiding in the lovely purple starry tins care of Tania, were some yummy cashews and Maltesers. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

We were feeling a little sick by the end of the night, but it was an awesome day.

On to Sunday, which was spent wandering the streets of Wellington, trying on clothes, looking in all the quirky shops, and a wee spot of shopping (of course). Home for a bit of relaxation and girly time (sorry Tans, just had to add a pic!):
Face Masks

Some dinner, cooked by the delightful Deane, and back in to town to attend the much-awaited Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. And of course I had to get my photo for Quidditch:

Although not entirely true to the book, which was to be expected, it was hilariously funny, and an all round excellent movie. Unfortunately the enjoyment was slightly ruined by idiotic morons on either side rustling packets of various food items during the quiet times of the movie (how inconsiderate!), not to mention the awful smelly person in our row who decided to take their shoes off towards the end, and judging by the stench, had some serious hygiene issues!! That aside, it was a lovely day, an excellent movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

Monday was all go, as T had kindy so the morning was busy. We did a bit of driving around getting last minute pressies for Tania's kids, picked T up, went home for lunch, fluffed around, then drove Tans to the airport for her flight home.

Back to reality...

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