Sunday, 16 August 2009

Christmas come early?

That's what it felt like the other day when I received not one, but two parcels in the mail - it was a good day :-)

The first parcel received was from Hamilton - the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Swap, between New Zealanders and Australians (Ravelry group). This is what I got:

CP&A Swap
For all you non-Dr. Who fans out there, that funny little brown knitted thing is a Dalek - seriously, how cute is that? Love it! So does Deane. He wanted to steal it to put on his desk at work. I may let him, eventually. And the cute little keyring sitting next to it, very sweet.

The other package was from a lovely lady all the way over in Germany - this one was for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange:

RSE #4
RSE #4RSE #4
The top photo is all the goodies in the package all together, then a close up of the non scarf related stuff, and a close up of the cute wee tag that's sewn onto the scarf.

I am totally in love with this scarf - it's one of my favourite colours, it's beautifully made, it's soft, and cosy, and just gorgeous!!

As for the rest of the package - the tea is delicious, the jaffa cakes are absolutely divine (they're my favourite of course), she even made me a CD with knitting tunes - how sweet is that?!? And that malabrigo - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sooooo soft, a gorgeous colour. We can't get it easily in NZ without paying an absolute fortune for it, so this wonderful lady was kind enough to send me a skein - it's lace weight, so I'm going to have loads of fun picking the exact right lace pattern for it, and I'd imagine even more fun attempting to knit it into said lace pattern :-) If I ever manage it, I'll post pics.

I got this parcel in the mail from the US a little while ago, but thought I'd add it in to this post anyway, and perhaps it'll help any of you confused by the 'Ron Weasley Blanket Square Swap' thingee up in the corner...

Swap Squares received
A while ago, I knit up 10 squares, 8" x 8", and sent nine of them away to the US. A little while later, I got nine completely random different squares back, from nine other people participating in the swap. I'm now participating in another round of square swaps - eventually, I'll have enough squares to sew together into a blanket. For any of you that have seen the Harry Potter movies, you may remember Ron's blanket he has on his bed at Hogwarts. This is what we're (sort of) recreating. Obviously not exactly, but something similar. It's alot of fun, although to be honest, I'm not looking forward to sewing them all together :-/

I'm still waiting on another parcel, on it's way from Canada. This one was for a Harry Potter swap, which we did in June. It was sent on the 2nd July, and is yet to arrive. Six weeks and counting... It's got a tracking number, but was sent surface post which apparently takes four to six weeks. Sometimes I wonder what happens to the parcels people send, and the journey they go on to get to the person at the other end. Documentary material? Perhaps not...

As for what's on the needles at the moment, still haven't managed to get the other three balls of yarn for X's Gryffindor scarf, hence it's been stuck at 45% done for ages, the squares for the blanket swap aren't required until October so no real rush there, and T's rainbow socks are coming along nicely. However, the yarn is totally cringe worthy. It's hideous!! T picked it, I tried to convince him to pick another one, but he insisted, so ugly clown socks it is. Ugh. There's enough in the ball of yarn to make at least three pairs for him (sigh) but I suppose the main thing is that he actually likes them. I think I'll just make one pair for now, take a break, and attack the rest later when I can work up the courage to do so. I won't scare you with pictures of these socks just yet, I'll let you enjoy the nice pictures above.

I've now completed four whole skeins of yarn from the behemoth blob of carded fibre I bought a little while ago, and there's still enough left for at least two more skeins. Yes, I did manage to get Klat going again, I think maybe he was just sulking because I hadn't spent much time with him... Anyway, by the time I spin it all up, there should be plenty to make X that Weasley sweater. Hopefully it knits up ok - something I haven't yet tested is how my handspun actually looks as a finished product.

The red romney is over halfway spun, so I'm going to try and finish that up so I can ply it and decide what to do with it. Hopefully I will end up with enough yardage for a pair of socks, I'm trying to spin it fairly thin. I'll just have to wait and see.

Ooh, I'm so excited!! I've found somebody in New Zealand that sells hand dyed fibre!! No longer do I have to ogle the gorgeous dyed fibres online in envy, knowing I could never have them because they're all the way over in America and too far out of my price range (at least once you factor in shipping costs, currency conversion etc etc). Now I can order it from good old Aotearoa! I'll get some soon and give it a whirl (literally!!)

Have a nice day everyone, I'm off to the Harry Potter movie this afternoon with X - looking forward to some mother/son bonding time (and the movie of course). Oh and just so you know, I've changed the comment settings on this puppy, so now you can leave a comment and not have to sign up or anything. Some people had mentioned they were going to leave a one but couldn't, so hopefully my computer illiterate self has managed to fix that little problem. Let the comments roll in people!!!

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