Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'm on a roll...

Well, I was, it seems to have stalled somewhat...

Last post I'd finished my Lupin scarf, and some 'Grey Matter' skeins. Felt like I had a bit of a thing going there, and it continued into the weekend. T had two swimming lessons on Saturday, because he had to do a make-up lesson since he missed the previous weekend's lesson due to the trip to Napier. For some reason they only have Preschool Level 1 lessons on Saturday this term, so two lessons in a day was the only option. He didn't seem to mind, in fact he rather enjoys having two lessons in one day. The head instructor lady at the gym however, kindly pointed out that I must be a really tough mum for making him do two lessons (this being the same woman who called me a mean mum several months ago - seriously, what is with this chick?). And whose fault is that I wonder, hmmmmm??? Organise your classes better lady!!! Anyway, I'm losing track...

Since he had two lessons, that meant an hour sitting around, in which I managed to complete most of this lovely leafy vines dishcloth.


It's now on it's way over to Australia for the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Swap for our NZ/Australia group on Ravelry, along with some Sherbet Lemons (they're so good I must share them with everyone!) and an illusion knit witches hat afghan square. Well, it's supposed to be pointless, right?!? Once we'd finished lessons for the day, Deane headed off to Napier again, and me and the boys stayed home and lounged around for the rest of the weekend. This gave me plenty of time to finish the scarf I was making for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange:


And no, the second photo is not fuzzy because of my poor photography skills, it's actually the yarn :-) It'll be heading to Canada soon. I really enjoyed making this scarf, and don't really want to have to give it up, but oh well. There's another scarf winging it's way over here all the way from Germany, so fair's fair.

I also whipped up a wee Hufflepuff bookmark, for the Harry Potter Crafters August CAL, but wasn't overly impressed with it. Whether this is due to the pattern, or my horrid crochet skills, I'm not sure. (Psst: it's only flat because I taped it to the desk to take a photo - if not it would be a curled up twisted little mess!!)

Huff Bookmark 1

In any case, I think I'll stick to knitting. Speaking of which, I managed to knit this lovely cowl, pretty much in a day, for another swap between the NZ/Australia group. It's also on the way over to Aus now, in the company of some yummy Lindt chocolate:

Cowl Swap 2

It's called a 'Lush-ious Swirl Cowl' and I rather like it. Quick and easy to make - might be tempted to make one for myself, although I think it'll be somewhere towards the bottom of the list. I have a fairly extensive list already! (Growing by the day). Please note, I photographed it with actual fruit! I thought perhaps some of you would think I really was a terrible mother when I photographed my Lupin scarf with a fruit bowl full of yarn. I don't feed my children yarn, honestly, I have actual food in the house!!

This, however, is where the momentum slowed somewhat. I cast on a hat last night, but discovered this morning that it was going to be too small, so had to frog it. I need to get different sized needles, or try another pattern. Haven't decided yet. After that slight disappointment (I hate undoing stuff!) I decided to do a bit more spinning. Alas, I think my initial luck with Klat was a fluke. I couldn't get the two drive bands balanced properly, and kept getting undertwisted blobs of fibre that wouldn't stay on the bobbin. After 20 minutes of fluffing around, I gave up. I may have to purchase actual drive bands, kitchen string is just a little too finnicky...

I don't have the right sized needles for making my Sexy Vesty with that gorgeous Needle Food yarn I bought at Craft 2.0 so that'll have to wait. I've started a pair of socks for T (the one knitted pair he has are a little too small, and he loves them dearly, so I think he's deserving of a new pair) and I guess that'll do for now. The boys are behaving quite well, considering they've been stuck at home with just me for the weekend, Monday and Tuesday. They're both sick. T has a really gross runny nose and croup, and X has a horrible phlegmy cough. I figured it was best not to share them around school and kindy. X should be back to school tomorrow though, he appears to be much better. T will have to wait, kindy have instructed me to keep him home until he's entirely germ free. He doesn't seem to mind though, he hasn't yet gone over to the dark side and still thinks I'm cool, and fun to hang out with :-) Probably won't last long...

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