Monday, 24 August 2009

My 'Journey to Fitness' (snigger, chortle, tee hee hee)

With the realisation that my 30th birthday is fast approaching (about a month and a half away, give or take) I've been thinking a bit about my general health and wellbeing. Or to be more precise, my horribly unfit condition. It seems that everywhere I turn lately, there are people running, jogging, walking briskly etc etc. I've procrastinated many a time, saying I'd like to get fit, go to the gym, whatever, and always managed to find an excuse. Well, NO MORE!! I embarked on my (ahem) 'Journey to Fitness' this morning, having bought a pair of running shoes on the weekend in preparation. I even googled 'beginner running programmes' of which there are surprisingly many!

So this morning, after my shower, I donned 'the running gear' (heh heh) consisting of tank top, zip front microfleece hoodie, trackies, and the aforementioned running shoes (pristine white), along with various assorted undergarments of which we will not go into detail about here...

After dropping T at kindy, and a feeble attempt at more procrastination (but it rained last night, the ground will be wet, what if I slip over?) I drove to Karori Park hoping there wouldn't be many people around to point and laugh at me as I attempted to run. Unfortunately, there were many people around, as evidenced by the number of cars in the car park. After a few minutes of keen observation of the park, I noticed that not everyone was running, there were several people walking around the track, and everyone had their heads down and didn't appear to be taking any notice of anyone else.

So, with no further excuses, a quick chug on the old water bottle and cellphone in hand (needed it for the time) I was away. A brisk walk to start with (11 minutes) and my first one minute jogging burst. Not too bad...

After that it was a cycle of six minutes walking, one minute jogging which I repeated three times in total. A five minute walk to cool down and back to the car. I'd survived! And I wasn't drenched in sweat, foaming at the mouth, about to collapse in a heap with heart palpitations. Bonus :-) Checked my diary, and it turns out I did a whole extra six minute walk/one minute jog. Yay for me!! Unfortunately though, due to the wet ground and my too-long-dragging-on-the-ground-behind-me trackpants, my shoes are no longer pristine white. Oh well, they can't stay new forever. At least now I have proof that I actually did exercise.

Drove home and had a wee rest (ie: sat in front of the computer surfing the net, and scoffed a large amount of food, some healthy and some not so healthy - I'd worked up a bit of an appetite you see...) and it was time to go pick T up from kindy. Oh. My. Bob. Was I stiff! Could feel the old glutes had had a bit of a workout - can't remember the last time that was!! I dread waking up tomorrow morning.

On the plus side, tomorrow is a rest day (according to my 'programme') and I only have two more running/walking days to go this week (I'm thinking Wednesday and Friday). Next week it'll be walk five minutes, jog two minutes. Every week the jogging time will increase and the walking time decrease. After eight weeks I should (theoretically) be able to jog for a full 30 minutes. We'll see how it goes...

Any motivational hints and tips would be appreciated :-)


  1. Just thought I'd add that I survived the Wednesday walk/run as well, although it was a tad shorter than Monday's walk/run...

  2. today i bought some new walking/running shoes and started my new addition to my day, walking. so far so good. it's a good feeling. i'm hoping to get down a size or two and keep it off. best of luck with your program. i'll be cheering you on!