Thursday, 20 August 2009

Something a little different

My knitting has slowed to a crawl over the last several days, so I thought I'd post something a little different. I'd hate for you all to get bored!! First though, I'll get all yarn-related stuff out of the way. Only one item today - I finished spinning my red romney roving on my spindle. I also managed to ply about a quarter of it on the spindle, but gave up because it just got too heavy and I couldn't really fit any more on it, so plied the rest on the wheel. I'm quite happy with the result:

Some stats:

Fibre: romney - dyed red/pink (pencil roving)
Yardage: 254m (277.8 yards)
WPI: 14 - 4 ply fingering weight
Total weight: 120g

I did a standard two ply, didn't end up chain plying it. I think I'll practice that on some commercial yarn and really get the hang of it before attacking my spun yarn. Should have enough to make a pair of socks like I'd hoped, although not sure when I'll get around to it.

Moving on... the reason why I haven't been knitting quite so much lately is because I felt my sewing and quilting was becoming quite neglected. So the other day I pulled out the trusty sewing machine, and whipped up four shopping bags (pattern courtesy of Morsbags!) - which I plan to use as Christmas presents. The idea is to hand make all gifts this year, heh heh - we'll see how I get on ;-)


Also picked up my quilting WIP, the floral cathedral window quilt I started a little while ago. The beauty of this project is that it has no specific purpose, so I can take years to make it, and nobody will complain! Here's where I'm up to so far:

Quilt 1Quilt 2closeup of pretty fabrics :-)

This is a great portable hand sewn project that I can pick up and put down whenever - exactly why I wanted to do it. I like the traditional aspect of it as well, and I'm enjoying using the quilters muslin, and all the pretty floral fabrics I would never otherwise use.

I also wanted to share with you the beautiful view I get every day, driving back from dropping T at kindy, or bringing him home afterwards. It's fantastic to be able to look out over such a lovely city that has it's corporate world, but also a short walk away, all those trees and park area, not to mention a gorgeous little beach. And the beach in the photo is not the only one, the whole of Wellington is surrounded by little coves, and in the city and outlying suburbs is park after gorgeous park.


How could you not like that?

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