Sunday, 30 August 2009

The ups and downs of life

This week has certainly been one for them!! Let's start at the beginning...

Monday afternoon, picking X up from school I was sitting in the staff room upstairs knitting like I often do, waiting for the bell to ring. T was doing the usual 'wander aimlessly around school waiting for all the kids to finish class' thing. On his way up the stairs he tripped and went face first into them, putting several teeth through his bottom lip. Blood EVERYWHERE! What a mess! And of course that incident coincided nicely with the final bell indicating the end of school for the day, so naturally children flocked in to see the show, passing around comments like:

"Cool! He's vomiting blood!". Which of course he wasn't, it probably just looked that way. So once I managed to stem most of the bleeding, I packed up the kids and jumped in the car, off to A&E. A 3 hour wait later, we saw an actual doctor, who advised us that he would be fine and didn't need stitches. So off home we went.

Tuesday T stayed home (naturally - his lip was huge), and I managed to feed and water him with a straw and miniscule pieces of food. I was surprised, awed and very happy to receive some roving in the mail from a lovely lady in Dunedin that I've never met, by the name of Tracee. She sells hand dyed roving through her etsy shop , and was very sweet to send me some to try out:

The colourway is called 'Fashion Tips Baby', 125g 100% NZ merino. Pretty :-)

Wednesday, T was back at kindy which was great, as I was able to go for my walk/run, then the rest of the morning it was a mad rush trying to get a budget completed for work (which was a complete and utter nightmare for reasons I won't go into). That afternoon I held a spinning demonstration at X's school which was kinda fun, and the kids even seemed mildly interested... Later that afternoon was X's parent/teacher interview, which went pretty well. His school work is improving significantly thanks to the Reading Recovery programme he finished earlier this year.

Thursday I finished spinning the yarn for X's Weasley sweater, and started knitting it. I even knit a swatch (something I hardly ever do) with the recommended 5mm needle size and found it too big, so knit another one with 4.5mm which looked about right, so away I went. Felt sore all over like I was coming down with the flu from late afternoon, so took a couple of painkillers and went to bed at about 9pm.

Friday 2.10am I was woken up by the quick, sharp jolt of a 5.2 magnitude earthquake - not good for the nerves at that time of the morning! Luckily the boys slept through it. I eventually got back to sleep some time after 3am, and woke up feeling a lot better than the night before, which allowed me to carry on my walk/run programme for the third morning, then on to kindy to complete their budget, in preparation for the AGM next Tuesday night. Got a bit more done on X's sweater too.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and I headed off to Jenny's house with Mojo coffee to share around, and partook in some lovely bagels for brunch. Back home to pick up T and take him to swimming lessons, home again and I decided to spin up my lovely roving. Not as easy as I thought! It turns out merino is a little more difficult to spin than nondescript, coarse fibre from an unknown sheep. What a mess! I tried and tried for about half an hour, and it kept breaking apart, or getting overtwisted. I got so frustrated I actually screamed at my wheel (poor Klat, wasn't his fault!). I had to walk away and calm down for a bit, and decided it would be good to do something relaxing like knit. So I picked up X's sweater and managed to knit up 13" of the 16" required for the back panel, but discovered that it was too narrow, and the finished product wouldn't fit. So I had to frog it and start again. I was not happy!! The afternoon was spent reknitting the sweater back, and attempting again and again the spinning of merino fibre. I'm glad to say I finally got the hang of the merino, and I've nearly got back up to the 13" I was at for the back panel of the sweater. I have however discovered that the reason why my original swatch for the sweater was too big was because I was actually using 5.5mm needles, not 5mm. Oh well. I just hope I don't run out of yarn, because there ain't any more!!

Today is Sunday, and I finished spinning the merino into a DK weight yarn - a whole 156 metres of it (two ply), 117g. There was only 2g wastage, which wasn't as bad as I'd originally thought it would be. I love the end result, bumps and all, and have decided to call it Ocean Depths due to the colour:


It's so soft, and smooshy, and lovely :-) T can now drink from a cup without the aid of a straw, and can eat normal food that hasn't been cut into tiny barbie doll sized pieces. It's raining outside, which is a great excuse to get more done on X's sweater. Although in all fairness, I should probably knit the mate to this sock:


The pattern is called Masonic Lodge (so I guess the blue is appropriate), knit with Needle Food Blueberry Crush. I call them 'Deane's Man Socks'. Hopefully this pair of socks will put me in the good books, enough so that I can get what I want for my birthday coming up next month ;-)

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