Monday, 28 September 2009

Back on track!

I feel better this week already, compared to mid last week. Here's why:

Running - after my little hiccup on Friday, I felt really bad about it. So I was determined to do better, and completed the full run on Saturday. Today was the start of week six, which is run nine minutes, walk two minutes, repeated three times. So I'm actually running for a full 27 minutes now!! The real test I guess will be in week eight, when I'm supposed to run without any walking breaks in between... I found this morning that my legs were sore, but I wasn't nearly as out of breath. The walking breaks were more to give my legs a rest. Hopefully I'll be able to continue this running programme without any further hitches and possibly even come to enjoy my daily run (heh heh heh).

Knitting - I finished the monster that is X's Gryffindor scarf last night. Even added the fringe to the ends! Didn't get to bed until after midnight, but it's done :-) It measures a total of 220cm (without fringe). It took me exactly three months - started 27th June, finished 27th September. All 50,310 stitches (not including cast on and bind off). Phew!! I think it will be near impossible to get a decent pic of it laid out straight, so I took one last night kind of bunched up on the floor:

I'm glad it's finished, now I can pack it away for Christmas.

I've also done another block and a bit for the Ron Weasley blanket swap, and should get more done over the next couple of days while I wait for the 1st October, and the new homework assignments for the HPKCHC. I may also get some more socks started for my OWL.

Spinning - yes, I've finally started spinning my Ofelia fibre, and hopefully will have it done in time to submit it for DADA before the end of September. I may give chain plying a go with this one too.

I was very fortunate to get a special surprise in the mail over the weekend - as my swap package for the Harry Potter Crafter's June swap was so late, some of the lovely ladies in the group felt I deserved a special care package, and sent me this:

The wee dementor is the cutest thing ever!! Unfortunately some bath bombs got confiscated because they had pink peppercorns on them (and yet they let the ones with the rose buds through - go figure!) but oh well. Mmmm, tea! And that chocolate turtle was super yummy! They were really sweet to send this package, and I certainly wasn't expecting it. It made my day :-)

On Saturday Deane and I spent the afternoon in Martinborough visiting the wineries, sampling their wares and having a spot of lunch with friends. It was a nice relaxing day, topped off with a murder mystery evening 'Death by Chocolate'. This was run by Whodunnit Events, and was quite a good evening, well put together. And the chocolates were fantastic! I was rather surprised to find that my favourite chocolate was an interesting combination of balsamic and honey. They were supplied by Bohemein Fresh Chocolates - I recommend you try them if you happen to be in the Wellington area. We were able to have this lovely Saturday because Deane's mother came down from Napier for a visit and looked after the boys for the afternoon, and a friend looked after them in the evening while we all went to the murder mystery event. Great day :-)

Laundry Lottery - I did manage to get some washing done over the weekend as well (luckily - it's pouring down now!!) and so have some 'winnings' to share:

First up we have some empty chippie packets and another business card...

And secondly, an asthma inhaler, Deane's credit card, a Pinky snack bar wrapper, a petrol receipt, and a card from the murder mystery evening. Not a bad haul I guess :-)

This morning I received another package in the mail (I love getting parcels!!) - it was for the Australia/New Zealand Swappers food swap. I have to say I was rather impressed with the contents - I was totally spoiled:

Can you believe it??? Caramello Koalas, biscuits, snacks for the kids, Vegemite, lollies, hot chocolate mix (yum!), a cute Aussie washcloth, Australian coasters, Australian Breakfast tea bags, trail bars, Sipahh straws and macadamia nuts. I'm looking forward to enjoying and sharing these in the next few weeks!

So, time to carry on with my day, quietly plodding away at various projects inside while the weather deteriorates outside. The boys are happy playing XBox (when are they not?). I think the vacuuming can wait until tomorrow...


  1. Great Laundry Lottery haul! You are MUCH kinder than me - had I found a credit card in the laundry I would've bought myself some yarn for my troubles! LOL

  2. Nah - I spend enough of his money as it is :-)