Friday, 25 September 2009

I cheated :-(

Yes, that's right, I cheated!! I'm sure you're now wondering what exactly I cheated on, so I'll tell you - this morning's run. I was supposed to run 3 x 8 minutes, but only managed two lots of eight. I'M TIRED!!!! Yay for fitness and being healthy and all that, but I've been completely wiped for the last couple of weeks, feeling like I need to go to bed at 7.30pm. I haven't actually done that (except one night I did go to bed at 8.30pm), but I'm guessing all this exercise is starting to catch up with me. By the time dinner rolls around, I'm knackered. I eat dinner, feel like shite (tummy playing up at the moment too) and just want to go to bed. So yes, today I cheated on my run. I still have another run to fit in this week (possibly tomorrow morning) so I'll see how I go. If it becomes too much I may have to eek it back a bit, and plateau at the 3 x eight minutes for a while. I'll keep you posted...

May I just say, that all these people who've been saying that after a few weeks you'll start to feel really good, and exercising will get those endorphins flowing making you feel happy and all that - where are my endorphins??? Do you think perhaps they've gone on holiday, and forgot to tell me? I still hate running!

Knitting has slowed somewhat also. I have finished the first pair of socks (of six) for my OWL - Christmas pressies for the boys. T's first pair is a little on the short side (eg: ankle socks) because I think I'm going to run out of yarn if I do normal sized ones. I may run out of yarn anyway, and have to use random bits of leftovers for his third pair, which could be rather interesting! X's scarf is nearly done, I'm on the 13th repeat of 14, and I think there's only about 54 rounds left to knit, or thereabouts. After that is the fringing, and then it can be hidden away for Christmas. Phew, can't wait till it's done! It would be closer to done now if I'd had the energy to knit last night, but lying on the couch was about all I could manage. So sorry everyone, no pics of FO's today :-(

Laundry lottery has been a little disappointing this week, so far only one business card from Deane's pocket, which isn't really worth photographing...

Last day of school and kindy today, X is having Hell's Pizza for lunch, T is (thankfully) at kindy for the last day (he had yesterday off too). School holidays officially start at 3pm - yay.

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