Friday, 11 September 2009

Oh, how I love getting mail :-)

On Monday, my parcel from Canada finally arrived!!! It was posted by Jo (in Canada, obviously) on the 2nd July. Monday was the 7th September. TWO MONTHS that took. Crazy! Anyway, it was fun to open and see all the goodies individually wrapped in tissue paper. Unfortunately, there were two mugs but one got broken. However, the one that didn't get broken was my favourite colour, so is now my favourite mug. Yay. Behold, the lovely goodies below:

Harry Potter Crafters June Swap

The boys devoured the maple candy lollipops as soon as they got home, and have chewed through about half of their Mike & Ike candy as well (for us New Zealanders, they're just like jelly beans). I've eaten all the 'Moose Poo' (just like scorched almonds - yum!) and I've made a mug cosy for the coffee mug, out of my first handspun yarn (yay, I found something to do with it! Now it's all gone...)


The purple squooshy looking yarn in the pic is a 50/50 merino silk blend and it is gorgeous!!! It's having fun hanging out with my skein of Malabrigo lace weight yarn, they're getting to know each other, snobbing all the lesser, slightly lower quality yarns. Although they keep eyeing up my Needle Food, thinking about going over and chatting - we'll see what transpires there...

Anyway, yesterday (Thursday) I received some roving I'd ordered in the mail too. It's so pretty (imagine comical fluttering eyelashes here).

This is Pretty Lush, 148g of 100% New Zealand polwarth

and this is Ofelia, 154g of 100% New Zealand merino

I also got another colour, but won't put a pic up because it's destined for a special home, and I'd hate to ruin the surprise. ;-P

I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with these once I've spun them up, but they'll probably end up as scarves or shawls. Deane says I have enough scarves already, but you may recall scarves are one of my current obsessions, so I say you can never have too many scarves.

On a side note - I've completed an entire 20 kilometres this week!! Half of it was actually running!! I'm surprising myself. And it feels good to be able to say I've done a decent amount of exercise, and have actually earned the time sitting on my backside spinning or knitting. And the house hasn't been too messy this week (although don't look now!!) I might actually tidy up a bit before going to pick T up from kindy, just so I can sit around for the rest of the afternoon spinning up the special 'sooper sekrit' yarn for my 'sooper sekrit' recipient, who doesn't know who they are (hence the 'sooper sekrit' thing). Wow, I'm such a dork...


  1. I just finished the Harry Potter series (it occupied my whole summer) so I totally got the Harry Potter references in your blog! Yay for HP! I love the roving you just received- very yummy!

  2. Well for me Harry Potter is a bit of an obsession, so references tend to pop up everywhere. I even find myself comparing normal everyday life to Harry Potter, depending on the situation. Maybe I should stop watching/reading it for a while... (yeah, right!)

    Yes, the roving is yummy - even better in person!! Thanks :-)