Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Random Updates

Well it's been several days since I last posted here, and I felt the need to post something, but wasn't quite sure what...

Running - Is going okay, although I'm now halfway through week four, and starting to wonder why I decided to do this... 20 minutes of running and 20 minutes of walking, totalling five kilometres, four times a week. I think this is the most running I've ever done in my life. Ever. Next week is going to be harder again! This week the running is in five minute bursts. Next week it's eight minutes, with two minutes walking in between. AM I CRAZY???

Knitting - Has been going well - all slow boring stuff at the moment. The 'Super Sekrit Project' is growing, although I'm not sure if it will be to my liking by the time I'm finished. Will I dislike it enough to frog it? Who knows...

X's Gryffindor scarf is coming along slowly. I'm up to the 10th trapped bar repeat (of 14) so I'm on the home stretch so to speak. My Ron Weasley blanket squares are growing very slowly - I started the third one on the weekend, and have got about 1/4 of the way through it. I think I'll finish the Secret Project first, then carry on with these. Although I still have to get started on my OWL (six pairs of socks for the boys), which is going to be yet another boring knitting endeavour. Why have I picked all boring plain knitting? Odd... I finished Deane's 'man socks' which was the only slightly-more-exciting-than-just-plain-knit-and-purl project:

Please excuse the shite photo, Deane was in a hurry to leave for Napier when I took it.

Oh yeah, I also made this slouchy beret out of my handspun:
The pattern is free on Ravelry, called the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

I started a crochet dishcloth, just for something different, and have got about a 1/4 of the way through that too. It's weird looking around my lounge - there's all these partly finished projects lying around all over the place, taunting me. I really should finish some of them!

Spinning - I'm going to start spinning Ofelia some time this week (I think). I'm going to use it as a Defence Against the Dark Arts homework assignment for the HPKCHC. The homework is supposed to be something you 'fought' over summer (although in NZ we've just come out of winter, so I'll pretend). I'm thinking something along the lines of a giant praying mantis that I squashed and raked up, then spun the remains into yarn. The bright green lends itself well to a nutcase ridiculous story like that, don't you think? (Yes I know, I've lost the plot!! At least I'm aware of it)

Family - are good. Deane's having some issues with his hand, which still hasn't healed after his little skiing accident, although the facial bruising has gone. He's going to physio to help it along the road to recovery - hopefully he'll stop whinging about it soon ;-)

The boys are good. T is getting a cold though I think :-( School holidays in a week and a half - AGAIN. Seriously, where did the time go?? Oh no, I just thought, how am I going to get my running in? (possible excuse to get out of it? Or should I just stop being such a lazy cow and get Deane to look after them?)

No current news on the job front for Deane, still waiting to hear back about a couple of possibilities - I hate waiting.

Blogs - I've added quite a few to my reading list lately. There are some really awesome, creative, talented, interesting people out there (most of whom I've never met, and probably never will). It's fun to read a bit about what's going on in other people's lives, the stuff they make, the food they enjoy and want to share with others. There was this fabulous idea I came across today on somebody's blog (found it through Ravelry - she's a fellow Hufflepuff) - she calls it Laundry Lottery. I think it'll be a great way for me to remember to empty the boys' pockets before washing their clothes. I've washed far too many cellphones, empty food packets, red crayons (which also went through the dryer - the clothes were ruined!!) etc. It's a long standing argument between Deane and I - who's responsibility is it to empty pockets? Deane's, before he puts the clothes in the washing basket? Or mine, before I put the clothes in the machine? So anyway, keep an eye out, because soon I'll be adding pics of my 'winnings' from Laundry Lottery! :-) I challenge any fellow bloggers out there to jump on the bandwagon!!

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