Thursday, 3 September 2009


My husband, who decided to take a week off work, was given the opportunity to go skiing, which he took. A no-brainer right? He drove up to Ohakune last night, so he'd be all ready to spend a full day on the mountain today. Not a big problem for me as it doesn't really change much in the routine other than having to make the kids walk half an hour to school, and then have T walk another half an hour back home. Not to mention the hour-long round trip in the afternoon for pick up. This also means it's incredibly difficult to get T to kindy, so generally I just leave him at home on the occasional day we don't have the car. Not a big deal. One day wouldn't matter, Deane would be home tonight so tomorrow T could go to kindy, and all would be well again. I could go for my run, get back to kindy in time to sort out a slight issue with some grants information that needs to be tidied up, etc etc. No, that would be too easy.

Deane phoned me early this evening to confirm that we had $40 in the bank account, to pay for a new key to be cut for the car - he'd lost the car key through a hole in his jacket pocket while skiing. And could I please read out the number on the spare key, so the locksmith could cut the right shaped replacement key.

Me: there is no number on the key
Deane: look really closely, study the entire key
Me: there is no number on the key
Deane: there must be - look at the whole thing
Me: I am - there is no number on the key
Deane: oh

He phoned back an hour or so later to inform me that he would not be home tonight, as the only two options they had were to wait for a transporter to come from Taupo and pick them and the car up to bring them back to Wellington (which I thought would have been fine) or get a same day courier to deliver the spare key to them in Ohakune tomorrow. Yay.

I'm slightly more annoyed about the situation because Deane usually has the spare key, and I have the main key with the button push thingee on it for locking and unlocking the door. Deane in all his wisdom took the main key off my keyring, and left his set behind, here. So had he lost is own key it probably wouldn't have mattered quite so much. But he lost the main key (which probably has the stupid bloody number on it!!!) which will cost lots of money to replace. Or we can just have two 'spare' keys with no button push thingees which is just a pain in the ass, especially when you're transporting kids, along with your bag, their bags, the jackets, any creative artworks produced during the day, stray items from bags like drink bottles, lunch boxes etc etc that for some reason no longer fit in the bag... you get the point.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow as;

a) I can't go for my run, which will totally stuff up my programme
b) I have to make T walk for one, possibly two hours tomorrow, and X for 1/2 to one hour - this is not fun, because they generally complain the whole way (read previous post re trip to Auckland - more info on children complaining about walking!)
c) I've pulled a muscle in my foot (is that even possible!?!) so walking to school probably won't be very easy. I'm hoping the issue will resolve itself overnight, but you never know.
d) I now will not be able to make the meeting at kindy to sort out the grants issue


On a slightly brighter note, I've only got a sleeve and the neck to do on X's sweater before I can sew it up and hand it over (although I think it's a bit short - I wonder if there's a way to make it longer??? Must do some research).

And I made this really cute hat for T (all done this afternoon) - it's known on Ravelry as the Animal Cracker Hat, as Ron was wearing it in one of the Harry Potter movies, and during this particular scene they were eating animal crackers.


As you can see from the pic, T's lip has healed nicely - no major holes :-)

My OWL was approved for the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup on Ravelry, and there's heaps of cool homework assignments for classes this month, so plenty more to do!! Keep an eye out for more project pics (^_^)

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