Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Ummm... dunno

Why do I need a title for my post? I can't think of one, I don't think it's important, so I haven't really got one for today. Ok? Ok. Moving on!

Running - is harder again this week (no, really?) - week five now. Eight minutes running, two minutes walking. I was quite surprised I managed it yesterday actually. Hang on, there seems to be a running theme here (no pun intended) - every week I surprise myself by managing to stick to the programme. Perhaps I should just shut up and get on with it!!

Although I have to say last week didn't go quite to plan, I missed my run on Thursday because I got stuck doing kindy paperwork and sorting out some issues. Which meant I had to go for a run on Saturday. Surprisingly I was actually more concerned about getting my four runs in that week than I was about it eating in to my weekend. Anyway, I now know there's another reason why I don't want to go running on the weekend - the hard core runners are at Karori Park on the weekends!! When I got there, there was a group of three guys running at quite a pace around the track. They were joined by several other guys as I was doing my warm up - they continued to run (rather fast!) around and around the track. They would've done about 20k to my 5. They'd finished just before I did. I thought that was it, they'd stopped and were standing around talking about how one guy thought they were 'off the pace' etc etc. I figured they'd talk a bit more and then go their separate ways. No!! That was their warm up!!! Off they went, running down the street together! Must be marathon runners...

Laundry Lottery - my first 'winnings'!! They consist of four empty Wheelies packets, a snack bag, a 'Kids go Free' sticker and a foot calculator. Bear in mind this was one load of kids washing - I usually get business cards from Deane.

Knitting - has been going well. I finished my 'Sooper Sekrit' project, and have passed it on to the special recipient just this morning :-) Although, me being one of those forget-your-head-if-it-wasn't-screwed-on kinda people, I forgot to take the accompanying letter with me to hand over as well, so here it is:

Dear Margaret

Please accept this shawl as a token of my appreciation of your friendship over the last 18 months. I picked the roving especially for you, because it was called Wellington's Wednesdays. This is why:

* Wellington Wednesdays are when we get together to craft and chat, which I always find inspiring, as you've always got a fantastic project on the go, every time something different. You organised the first group, and continue to be the centre stone for every Wellington Wednesday.

* It was a Wellington Wednesday when I first saw you knitting socks, which got me interested.

* It was a Wellington Wednesday when you taught me how to knit socks for myself. This sparked my love of knitting again, which eventually grew into my love of spinning.

* It was a Wellington Wednesday when you brought me your mother's spinning wheel to try out, enabling me to continue and improve.

I've really enjoyed spending time with you and others in our group, and am forever awed and amazed by your talent, wealth of knowledge, and seemingly endless amount of crafting supplies. We'll be here for a little while longer, but I know we'll be leaving Wellington some time soon, and I'm going to miss you.

100% New Zealand merino, 216 metres, 137g of 2 ply sport weight hand spun yarn. Knit into the Sunday Market Shawl (no relevance at all sorry). I hope you like blue!

X's Gryffindor scarf is nearing completion - I'm up to the 12th repeat of 14. So far it's 178cm long. I think it'll be big enough... Here's a pic of it all bundled up in a blob:

I got my much wanted, very useful, absolutely beautiful Hiya Hiya interchangeable circular needle set recently, an early birthday present (because I ordered it!!). This has enabled me to get started on my OWL project, six pairs of socks for the boys for Christmas. I would've been able to do this without the needle set of course, but I wanted to learn how to do two socks at a time using magic loop. It's surprisingly easy:

This a pair of T's socks in the making - I apologise for the hideous yarn, but he picked it!! As you can see, I haven't quite finished this pair, but I'm past the tricky parts and just have the leg and cuff to do on them (not looking forward to the ribbing, but oh well).

I made another two squares for the Ron Weasley blanket square swap over the weekend:

Very Gryffindorish don't you think? I still have another six to make before 15th October. I'm sure I can manage it :-)

I also finished my Herbology dishcloth (although it's not actually knitting, but crochet):

I kinda like it :-)

Soon I'm going to start that Sexy Vesty and the Felicity hat I've been wanting to make for a while - the other benefit of now having my circular needle set. It's brilliant that set - it has the right size needle tips for socks, and the Gryffindor scarf, and all the sizes I need for the vest and the hat!! Awesome :-) Thank you Needle Food for stocking them - you rock!!

Spinning - still haven't done any, maybe this week...

Family - Deane's still whinging about his hand (men!!), and T's still home from kindy. He's much better, but has a phlegmy cough that I don't think the kindy teachers would like to have shared around at mat time. Although that's where he got it from in the first place. X has (sort of) stopped complaining about having to go to karate, and is kind of enjoying it again. Hopefully he can go for his orange stripe next month, maybe that'll boost him up a bit.

As for me, meetings are over for the month so I can relax a bit, work is ticking along okay, book group last night was hilarious as always and this month's book is something I've been wanting to read for a while - Memoirs of a Geisha. Next week is school holidays! sigh At least the weather is improving, so we can go to the park without freezing to death :-)

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