Thursday, 12 November 2009


I just had to share something that happened last night, simply because it's so hilarious.

My youngest son, T, has got into the habit of sneaking into our bed once we've put him to bed for the night. It's not a problem, we just move him later. Anyway, last night I had the ladies round for our fortnightly stitching group and once they'd left I decided to head to bed for a bit of reading. First, I had to move T.

So I went into the bedroom, picked up his toy panda, and blue blankie. Then I picked up T, who snuggled into my shoulder still fast asleep. On the way to his room he let out an absolute ripper of a fart! I barely contained my laughter long enough to slip him quietly and gently into his own bed. I then proceeded to run to my own room where I collapsed into a heap of giggles. It was just so adorably funny and cute, in a gross kind of way. He didn't wake himself up of course, but oh, the hilarity! Anyway, on with my day...

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  1. sounds like something that would happen in our house hehe