Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Summer's on the way - finally

Today has been a lovely day. Granted, it's not as warm as my home town, but I'm okay with that. I never liked being too hot anyway. Reasons why today has been so good:

1. It's X's 7th birthday

2. I heard a classic conversation between two manly men this morning while wandering through town. It went a little bit like this (please note, it's very hard to spell the typical manly grunt of approval, so just imagine one whenever you see 'ungh'):

Man #1: So I bought myself a new barbeque for summer on the weekend.
Man #2: Oh yeah? How big is it?
Man #1: Six burner
Man #2: ungh. Stainless steel?
Man #1: yep
Man #2: ungh. Hooded?
Man #1: yep
Man #2: ungh.
Man #1: yep. Even got a rotisserie. Bought it from Mitre 10. They've got blah blah blah blah...

From here on it got a little more indepth (although I'm not sure exactly how much more in depth you can get, I mean, it's a freaking barbeque!!) but they crossed the road and I couldn't hear the rest of the blokey exchange. No great loss.

3. When I got back from town, the second instalment of the Needle Food sock club had arrived via courier:

Pretty isn't it? The yarn colour is called 'Picnic in the Rain'. I rather like it. There's also a couple of Buzz Bars (well, one now), a cappuccino sachet, gorgeous stitch markers, a notepad, pen and highlighter. Awesome :-)

4. After picking T up from kindy, we headed to the beach for an hour or so.

5. T has another school visit tomorrow at 10.30am. Looking forward to it.

6. X wants McDonalds for dinner tonight. I'm cool with that, only because it means I don't have to cook ;-)

7. Only two more days until New Moon comes out at the movies. Although I'll have to wait to see it. Oh well, I can always console myself by watching Twilight instead. (For the eighth time...)

8. It's supposed to rain tonight. I love rain.

9. I have a veritable treasure trove of goodies for this week's Laundry Lottery:

The usual suspects of course, food packaging. I know this paints a rather ugly picture of my childrens' diet, but I swear they eat fruit and vegetables - they just don't come in packets!! The extras are a small rock, pieces of orange and blue chalk from the school tennis court next door, and a pair of Deane's cufflinks. Exciting huh? ;-)

10. I'm finally managing to get a bit of knitting time in - I've nearly finished my Felicity hat, and I'm up to the heels in X's first pair of Christmas socks.

Well, better go do some housework, all this lazing around enjoying the good weather can't last all day!

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