Thursday, 28 January 2010

Everywhere you look, there's a book

Yes, books are everywhere at the present moment in time. Both mine, and my son's. I've always been a reader, but X is fairly new to the concept. He struggled last year, and had to endure several months of Reading Recovery in order to catch up to his classmates' reading levels. He managed it quite successfully, which was a relief for all involved. Reading Recovery is quite an intense programme of reading every day, both with a teacher, and then at home. Unfortunately though, after all that hard work it was as though he'd had an overdose, and couldn't take any more. All reading he had for homework mysteriously didn't make it into his school bag, therefore didn't get done. I didn't catch on until quite late in the year, after noticing he hadn't had any for some time and questioning his teacher about it. Oh he'd had plenty! Just never did it...

I was a little more concerned when she put in his end of year report that he needed to 'expand his range of authors'. Range of authors?? He's seven!! Do seven year olds normally have a 'range'?? Apparently some of them do. Who'd have thought?

I've been trying in vain to get X to read one book all holidays - it started out okay, and he managed to get to page 13, and then refused to go any further, no matter how much I bribed him. (Yes, yes, I'm a bad mother. Blah blah blah...)

Anyway, I was having a chat to a friend yesterday afternoon about this particular issue (her seven year old being one of the blessed children that can read well, and does have a range of authors). She recommended the Beast Quest range, written by Adam Blade. It's full of mythical creatures and a young boy turned hero who has to save his village by slaying these creatures with a sword and shield. X has always been quite intrigued by knights and armour, swordfighting and heroes. (Deane's doing, of course!) So these books seemed to be right within his range of interests. I investigated a little more by checking out the Beast Quest website. Brilliant site! Even lets you download a chapter of the books! So of course I did this, and asked X to give it a quick read to see if he'd be interested. He sounded quite intrigued, so off we went to the bookstore to get the first book in the series, Ferno the Fire Dragon.

I'm pleased to report that he's already up to Chapter 3, page 33 (and there's even a Prologue, so he's read quite a bit since yesterday afternoon). He takes great delight in telling us when he's on a new page, or a new chapter, and it warms my heart to see his little face light up. This morning I gave him my Gryffindor scarf bookmark to keep his place when he's not reading, which he was rather pleased about. It's going well so far, and fingers crossed it continues :-)

As for me, I finished The Host by Stephenie Meyer, and I must say it was a bit of a page turner! I think she's done a great job of her first adult novel. Interesting storyline. My one criticism would be that the ending was very predictable. Having said that, I'm all for happy endings and it did work out almost exactly how I'd have liked it, so I'm not complaining :-)

I've also finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J K Rowling, have entered my thoughts into the Read-Along forum on Ravelry, and eagerly await the Watch-Along we'll be having on (my time) Sunday 7th February, 2pm. For everyone else, it'll be Saturday 6th February, 8pm. I think it'll be fun to watch the same movie at the same time as people halfway round the world, and be able to discuss it (in a chatroom) together. What I really want to know is if everyone else has noticed the hippogriff pooping in forest ;-) I'll definitely be pointing it out!

Next up is a book I have for my book group, Careless by Deborah Robertson. Several members of the group who have already started it have said it's a gripping read, so I'm looking forward to getting started on it. Before I do that though, I have 3 1/4 squares left to knit for the Ron Weasley Blanket Swap, and only a week to go before they must be sent. Better get cracking...

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