Monday, 15 February 2010

My weekend from Hell

That little four-letter word really does need a capital letter. In fact it almost qulifies for the caps lock button. It was really a horrid weekend. Let me lay it out for you...

* Deane is away in Napier for work, it's raining, and I have to walk the kids half an hour to school. You may recall (as mentioned in previous posts) my kids are the complaining type.
* Current landlords are leaning on us (rather heavily I might add) to give them a date for when we will be vacating. Point to note: we were previously under the impression that when our lease expired on 27th February, if Deane had not yet found a job in Auckland, they would be happy to extend further into April if required. They changed their minds. Suddenly these new tenants have materialised and although they are flexible to the point of not needing to move in until early March, they would prefer to move in as soon as possible. They need their answer by 5pm. Crap.
* Discover via free community newspaper that the high school right next door will be starting a huge $6 million demolition and rebuild project in April. Suddenly things start making sense (and I pity the poor tenants moving in after us. Not only will they be paying more rent, they'll have to deal with building noise and mess throughout their tenancy).
* Start scouring TradeMe for rental properties in the Wellington area close to the boys school so when we go to Thailand in March Shahn (my SIL) could still walk them to school (as she doesn't have a licence). Not only are the pickings slim, what there is is either not suitable for children, or requires a minimum six month lease. Manage to book several viewing appointments for Saturday anyway. Cue 'freaking out' phase...

* Deane, noticing my 'freaking out' status, drove home late Friday night, so is available to help apartment hunt (this particular point has pro's and con's that I won't get in to here for fear of incriminating myself and accidentally dissolving my marriage ;-))
* X wakes up with a god-awful cough that resonates through his chest and makes you feel like you can't breathe, even though you're fine and he's the one coughing. Asthma rears its ugly head :-(
* Most of the places we look at are ridiculously small (how they can call them two bedroom apartments and get away with it I'll never know - try single bedroom with study and no walking space!!) and of course require 12 month leases. We find one apartment suitable, about 1km from the school. We have to wait to hear if we'll get it though, as they're showing through more prospective renters later in the day - they'll get back to us in the evening.
* Get a text re aforementioned apartment saying "sorry, we can't give you an answer yet as we are showing through some more people tomorrow evening - we'll call you back then"

* T wakes up with a wicked temperature and starts throwing up - this continues for the majority of the day. X still has that abominable cough.
* Asked Deane no less than six times to get boxes (he said he had some at work) - they didn't materialise. As yet packing has not commenced.
* Haven't heard anything by 9.30pm so send a text re apartment asking "any news?" Go to bed still wondering.

* Kids are home sick - don't want to inflict awful sickly germs on the rest of the school students. Yay.
* Finally hear back about the apartment, and it's ours if we want it. HUGE sigh of relief!! Have arranged with both current landlords and new landlord that we will move this weekend. Only one minor issue - still no boxes, therefore no packing, which means I will have less than five days to pack an entire household!!! Argh :-/

On the positive side, at least we won't be homeless :-) Still no news about the Auckland thing (hopefully will hear about that this week) but I'm not going to worry about that at the moment. There's still an overseas trip to organise and prepare for.

Always look on the briiiight side of life, de do, de do de do de do...

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