Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I couldn't think of a title, so Mr Smiley Face is filling in. Just a few updates today, so here we go:

Yes, running. I went for a run today. I managed to run a full 2 kilometres. Then I slowed to a walk, and contemplated whether I should throw up or pass out. After a while I decided neither option would be optimal, and just got in my car and drove home for a shower. No run tomorrow, I'm going spinning instead. And before you thinking I'm piking, it was pre-arranged ;-)

Going great guns, as usual. Since last post, I've knit a pair of Lumos! socks, which came out okay, but I was a little disappointed in the pattern writeup. The heel made no sense, so I ended up rewriting my own heel pattern (based on other standard versions with a heel flap and gusset decreases). Plus I knit the leg to 5" instead of the stated 3.5", and the knit only row was omitted from the toe decrease part. These were knit with the 'Good Evening, Aviator' from Knitsch I bought on sale recently. The yarn is quite lovely to work with, so I'm happy to recommend it to others. It has no nylon content, so I'm not sure how well they'll wear, but really, you can't turn down 100% New Zealand merino, hand dyed in New Zealand!!

The reason why they're called Lumos! is because of the cute little wands on the sides:

Yes, I am a Harry Potter nerd. Why do you ask?

I'm also knitting some plain ol' vanilla socks with my 'flat feet'. I'm absolutely loving how the colours are knitting up.

I'm having a bit of an internal dilemma here though - these colours, to me, scream 'Phillippa' (my younger sister) so I think maybe I should give them to her once they're finished, but I looooooooove them and I want to keep them all to myself (yes, I'm also selfish). What to do?? If it helps you help me decide, the Lumos! socks are going to a friend (even though they fit me perfectly, as she has the same size feet as me, and they're really comfortable, and I love the colour, and I don't have any blue socks yet...)

I spun up some gorgeous fibre yesterday - the colour is called 'nw apt', and it's from maude&me (who else? ;-P) I've named it Passionfruit Twist, simply because from the moment I saw it, it looked to me like passionfruit colours. I'm a little disappointed with how I spun it up, but my wheel, lovely as it is, is old and decrepit (circa 1970's) and the tension knob is loose so can't be adjusted. It ended up being about worsted weight (not that I've checked, just eyeballing it), 117g, 142.5m. 100% NZ polwarth.

As previously mentioned, I'm heading to a spin-along tomorrow after dropping the boys at school, so I'm trying to convince Deane to fix it for me before then. I did suggest I needed a brand new wheel, and he (of course) said "no, that'll be really easy to fix". So fix it Deane!! Chop chop!!

Family News
Well, there isn't really any. Deane is still 'between jobs' and driving me bonkers at home (although to be fair, we seem to have managed a kind of 'co-habitation-day-shift' thing, where we can mostly do our own thing without affecting the other person). The boys have moved back to their own school as of today, freshly renovated and extended. T is doing fabulously at reading, maths and swimming (he can float by himself, and no longer screams at the instructor, happily putting his head under water and collecting things off the bottom of the pool). X is doing well - his reading is improving steadily, as is his writing. I think it may have something to do with playing XBox games that require you to read instructions. I guess games can be educational after all...

My Ravelry friend Jill is having a great time here in Wellington, and I'm thoroughly enjoying showing her around, getting her to spend money on yarn, introducing her to other kiwi ravelers, and my lovely stitching friends.

Yes, I'm also a Twilight nerd ;-) It says so in my profile. I've managed to con Jill into watching Twilight, and we'll be watching New Moon later this week. Another Ravelry friend, Raewyn, has now read all the books and watched both movies, and is looking forward to Eclipse in July. But wait, that's not all! My beautician, Anna, currently has my Twilight and New Moon books and DVDs. I'm slowly turning them all to the dark side. Mwahahahahahahaaaaaa ;-> Next on my list, Jenny...

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