Monday, 26 July 2010

And there's the checkered flag!

Yes, the Tour de Fleece (and of course the Tour de France) is finished. Our New Zealand rider didn't feature highly in the race, but being the lone Kiwi, you can't really expect much. I'm sure he did his best.

I had a great three weeks spinning up a storm, and managed to complete ten full skeins of yarn. Just for comparison, here's the 'before' pic:

Plus the batts that came a little later in the mail:

And now the gratuitous 'after' pic:

The gory details:

* Left over fibre consists of two Maude & Me braids, and 517g of Tally-Ho silver merino
* 3 x Tally-Ho silver merino skeins - 105g/313m, 127g/382m and 113g/284m - two ply fingering weight
* wake up april (freakishly bright yellow/purple) perendale - 136g/129m - two ply bulky
* Seashell Blend 50% mohair, 25% wool, 25% silk - 100g/200m - single ply sport weight (one of my personal challenges)
* Summervilla Blue 50% wool, 50% silk - 96g/186m - two ply sport weight
* miss misery (multicoloured) merino (I think) - 113g/169m two ply DK weight
* paper snowflakes (white/purple) polwarth - 109g/125m two ply worsted weight
* Melted Neopolitan (pinkish/brownish) bamboo, faux cashmere, polwarth, alpaca and soysilk - 90g/91m two ply bulky
* and last but not least, my absolute pride and joy, South African Beauty merino - 200g/450m three ply fingering weight

Just so you can get a better look at the ones I finished up this week (not including the Tally-Ho, because seriously, who wants another picture of boring grey yarn??) - here's a pic of the Seashell Blend single:

And my absolute favourite (this sucker took me five whole days of spinning to finish) - the South African Beauty:

I'm so ridiculously happy with this, I show it off to every poor soul that is unfortunate enough to step through my front door. I look at them with my big puppy eyes and say "isn't it pretty?!?" and of course they have to exclaim over it extensively ;-> I'll get over it eventually... at least until I knit it into a pair of socks. Then the cycle will start all over again!!

Yes, I'm sad and I need to get a life... but in the meantime, I finished some stuff other than spinning, which of course I must share with you now!

Firstly, I apologise for this terrible picture/project, but I'll show you anyway. My crochet skills are sadly lacking, but present enough to turn out a (weird looking) pair of baby shoes:

The pattern (Ravelry link) is lovely, and fairly easy to follow. But I think the combination of my bad crochet, wrong sized hook and non-pastel yarn contributed to the monstrosity you see above. I don't think I'll give them away to anybody - maybe just hide them in a drawer somewhere.

Moving right along - I finished another hat for Quidditch/men's night shelter. It's a little on the small side, but I'm sure there are guys out there with smallish heads who need a hat (maybe).

(Wow, this really is the month for 'fugly crafts made by Jody', huh?)

I finished my River Rapids socks (Rav link) in yummy Needle Food 'Meet Me in the Frozen Foods':

And I'm now about halfway through another chunky cabled scarf - this one will be going to Alison, since she asked for one last time she was down in Wellington.

After that, I've got a list a mile long of things I want to knit (for starters, Cauchy socks for dad, some Hawkes Bay coloured socks for mum, one of three different sweaters/cardigans for myself I have yarn for (except one of them I need to buy needles for, another will have to wait until September because I may just use it for a Transfiguration OWL, and the other will be knit in the Tally-Ho yarn I just finished spinning and am a little sick of at the moment), the new Vintage Purls Sock Club socks which will arrive any day now in the mail, any of the umpteen-million other sock patterns I want to knit with any of my ever-growing sock yarn stash, Deane's scarf and hat I promised him, my black fingerless mitts I was supposed to make last Winter... you get the idea!) but I haven't decided what I want to make first yet. I'm sure I'll decide soon, and I'll let you know next post.

Oh, and depending on how long you've been reading this blog, you may remember some time ago I mentioned a super secret big project I was going to be doing, and I hadn't decided if it was for me or for somebody else. Well, I still haven't decided, but here's a sneaky peek. For those of you 'in the know' you'll recognise it immediately for what it is, but for those of you who aren't, you'll probably have no idea what it is. And it can stay that way. Mwaaahahahahahaaaa!!! ahem...

In other news, Deane has finally settled on a job, and starts next Monday. For real this time. I'm 95% sure. I think. Nah, just kidding ;-) He really does start next Monday - unfortunately it's based in Auckland. He'll be heading up on his own, getting settled into work, and finding a place to live. We'll join him later. But as of this weekend I'll be 'flying solo' so to speak. Woo hoo :-/ Hopefully Deane will be able to travel back to Wellington on the weekends so the boys can still see him regularly (and I can sneak off to knitting on Sundays) but as usual, nothing is planned until the absolute last minute with that man, so I really have no idea.

On the plus side, this blog will actually be able to serve it's original purpose - keeping friends and family in Wellington and everywhere else informed of what's happening with us when we move to Auckland!! Yeah, we're actually moving to Auckland! Like, over a year after we originally planned to!! Oh well, sometimes things don't quite work out exactly as you plan them.

But for now, the boys are in bed (sooooo not asleep, but I'm working on that), and I'm going to make myself a cup of tea, knit some more on the scarf, and watch Fringe. Good night!!

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  1. what? noooooo! You can't move to Auckland! I won't let you *pout*

    awesome work on all the spinning though!