Sunday, 11 July 2010

I feel dizzy... much spinning!!! Oh, but it's fun (^_^) Whoever came up with the Tour de Fleece is a genius - what a great way to get through fibre stash. We are currently up to Day 8 of the Tour (well, technically, if we go on dates I'm up to day 9, but let's not nit-pick here...) and during the first week, I managed to finish up four skeins of yarn. Here's a pic:

L-R: 145g/129m bulky weight 100% NZ perendale - wake up april from Maude & Me, 113g/284m fingering weight 100% NZ silver merino from Tally-Ho, 96g/186m sport weight 50% halfbred wool/50% tussah silk - Summervilla Blue from Anna Gratton, and 113g/169.5m DK weight 100% NZ merino - miss misery from Maude & Me

Currently on the wheel is some more of the Tally-Ho silver merino - it's such slow going because I'm spinning it quite fine, but it helps to intersperse it between the pretty-coloured braids. It's like eating your veges before you can have dessert ;-)

As for the actual Tour de France - nasty wee pile up towards the beginning, and our poor lone NZ rider Julian Dean got caught up in it :-( Let's hope there aren't too many more of these. Dean is currently in 156th position (out of a possible 186 - oh well. At least he's not last).

Well, apart from the spinning, this past week has been a full-on one - we had Tania and her brood of three come to stay Wednesday-Saturday. Lots of noise, lots of activity, lots of food, lots of mess. Lots of fun :-) There was a visit to Te Papa, a parliamentary tour, a train ride and a wee bit of shopping involved - I hope they had a good time. It's a little quieter now, with just my two boys blobbing out on the couch playing XBox (their usual holiday pastime), so hopefully a little more spinning will get done over the next week or so.

I received some batts in the mail earlier in the week, and may tackle these a little closer to the end of the month - it's a July Spin-Along so they'll have to be spun this month at some point. However, I've never spun batts, and have no idea how I'm going to do it. This bears a little thinking about, but should be a fun experience all the same.

The knitting has suffered a little due to the time spent spinning, but I have managed to whip up a pair of fingerless mitts for Jess, a friend of Tania's.

And I'm neeeaaarly finished my Spiral Bound socks (Ravelry link). They should be completed at knitting group this afternoon, so I'll post pics next blog entry.

After that, I have a hat to make for Quidditch, a pair of socks to knit for Charms, baby booties for History of Magic and a cabled scarf for Herbology. I'm spinning for DADA, handed in spinning already for Potions, and the fingerless mitts were used for Ancient Runes. I think I might be on track to finish everything within the month - especially since there's only one more week of school holidays so the kids will be back at school soon, and Deane starts work on Wednesday - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!! Hmmm, maybe I can order my new spinning wheel now...


  1. Fantastic on Dean starting work! Sighs of relief all around.

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again - I feel all tired out after reading your posts - you are one very busy lady!


  2. Those four skeins at the top of the post look divine! Boy would I like to get my hands on a couple... or maybe all... of them! ;P