Friday, 16 July 2010

OMG Panic!!

We're heading up to Napier tomorrow, which means NO SPINNING!!! No picture in the daily thread! No TdF progress!! :-( Maybe I can get some done tomorrow morning before we leave, and pick it up again on Sunday after we get home... Today is the first day I haven't touched my wheel since the TdF started. I had work. Suck. But enough of my whining, this is what I've spun so far this week:

At the top is 'paper snowflakes' from Maude & Me - 125m/109g worsted weight Polwarth. In the middle - 'Melted Neopolitan' (so named because that's what it looks like to me) also from Maude & Me - the Tobias Pirate batt for the July SAL - 91.5m/90g bulky - this is a blend of faux cashmere, bamboo, polwarth, alpaca and soysilk. And at the bottom good ol' Tally-Ho silver merino - 313.5m/105g fingering weight.

I also spun one bobbin of South African merino (given to me by Carle, the lady I sent bobbins to) - I think it was about 74g, and it's spun super super fine. I'm hoping to get a decent three ply fingering weight out of the 200g she gave me, so I can make a pair of socks. If I manage to get decent yardage. I really really hope I do - that's my current spinning goal. Here's a craptastic night-time pic (as many of them are ;->)

I'm not sure you can really see the variance in colours on this bobbin - there's black, a dark navy blue, bright peacock green, deep rich purple, and variations between them all. It is beautiful, and I can't wait to finish spinning the other two bobbins so I can ply them all together and see the finished result. That one bobbin took me all day - literally. I started at 8.30am, and finished up about 5pm. Granted, I did other things in between, but most of the day was spent spinning this gorgeous fibre. And that's only a third of it!! Ooh, but it's pretty...

Anyway, knitting has definitely taken a bit of a step backwards lately, so not much has been done with it. I did finish up my pair of Spiral Bound socks though:

Aren't they lovely?!?

I knit another hat for the men's night shelter:

(Deane, the ever-enthusiastic model)

The top of this hat looks really cool due to the way the decreases are made:

The pattern is A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend and was a nice, easy knit.

And I started a new pair of socks - this pattern is called River Rapids (Ravelry link), and I'm knitting it with Needle Food yarn from the last sock club - the colourway is called 'Meet Me in the Frozen Foods'.

FYI - this is a terrible picture. The colours are lovely in person, not this weird muted grey...

They're being called 'Wingardium Leviosa' as that's this month's homework for Charms - knit something light or lacy. These kind of qualify in that there's ssk, k2tog and yarn overs in the pattern, creating a type of lace, although it's not overly holey. Hopefully it'll pass muster and I'll get the standard 15 points. If not, at least I have another pair of pretty socks :-) Speaking of which, I thought it would be fun to get a pic of all my (not given away) socks together:

Granted, they don't look as cool on the floor as they do on my feet, but oh well.

L-R (name of socks, brand of yarn, colourway): Spiral Bound (Vintage Purls Winter 2010 sock club colourway), Rockin' Hermiones (Socks That Rock, Rocktober), Clandestine Limes (Tofutsies), Fawkes (Needle Food, Plumberry Ambrosia), Gothic Hederas (Vintage Purls, Gothic Rose), Needly Viking Socks (Needle Food, Midnight Feast), Skewed Wet Peacocks (Needle Food, Picnic in the Rain), Damn, You're Pretty (Knit Picks Essential, Ash Tweed). Yay for knitted socks!!!

I also started a pair of crochet baby booties today, but there's no point posting a pic yet - they don't really look like anything at this stage.

Tomorrow morning before we head off, I'm going to a 'Wonders of Wool' fair at Frank Kitts park, in the underground car park. Some of my favourite Wellington 'suppliers' will be there (Maude & Me and Knitsch among them) so it's going to be hard to hang on to any funds I may have available at the time.

Sadly, Deane did not start work on Wednesday. Nor is he starting on Monday next week at this stage. Just when you think something's definite, turns out it's not. Maybe I should stop telling people 'yes, Deane has a job. He starts on [insert day here]'. I must be jinxing it! So let's all hold our breath a little bit longer and try not to pass out...

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