Saturday, 3 July 2010

On your marks, get set... GO!

Sorry, just preparing myself for the start of the Tour de Fleece :-) It starts on the 3rd July. Technically, it's the 3rd July now (at least here) but not quite yet where the Tour de France is, which is the timeline being used. I think I'll start today anyway... The TdF (both France and Fleece) starts on 3rd July, and goes until the 25th July. The two rest days are the 12th and 21st, with the 'uphill challenge' on the 22nd.

I took a picture of all my fibre - this will serve as the 'before' picture:

The giant grey blobs at the back are Tally-Ho silver merino, a tad under 1kg (already spun 130-odd grams into a skein of light fingering weight two-ply). Maude & Me braids - paper snowflakes (white with purple), waking up the wolves (blue/brown), a design for life (pink/brown) and miss misery (blue/green/red/white), the two black/blue/green/purple braids are South African merino from Carle (the lovely lady I sent bobbins to a little while ago), and then there’s the blue halfbred wool/tussah silk and the purpley halfbred wool/tussah silk/mohair from Anna Gratton.

There's a batt arriving in the mail in the next few days (also from Maude & Me). Phew! I'm gonna be busy! Although I don't expect to get it all spun - especially not all that silver merino. That's getting spun into light fingering weight, which takes for-evaaaaahhh and I'll probably get bored with it. That's what all the other pretty coloured fibre is for! ;-)

In other news, earlier this week Tania and I ventured up to Auckland to attend the special pre-screening of Eclipse. What can I say? BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!!! And the driving around Auckland with our little road map trying to navigate through rush hour traffic and get in the right lanes to turn, and get on and off the motorway was an absolutely hilarious experience - I don't think I've laughed so much in months!! Our hostess Lizzie was fantastic, and cooked a beautiful dinner for us. We managed to miss the whole red carpet affair at the theatre by being late - we walked into the theatre just after the movie had started, although I dare say we didn't miss much. But oh, such fun! Can't wait to go see the movie again ;-P

The boys are now officially on holiday for the next two weeks, and Tania and her brood of three will be staying for half of the first week. How we're going to fit three adults and five children into our little two bedroom townhouse I'm not entirely sure, but I am sure it's going to be a barrel of laughs. Deane is hoping to start his new job ASAP, and miss as much of the craziness as possible. I don't like his chances though. We are planning to get out of the house every day at least (could you imagine the mess that can be created by five children? I shudder at the thought) - Te Papa, the waterfront, Frank Kitts park, a tour of Parliament... hopefully we'll be able to keep them busy.

As for knitting, I don't think I'll be getting much done next week :-( But I have managed to knit one of the socks from my first Vintage Purls Winter 2010 Sock Club - Spiral Bound (Ravelry link):

Pretty, huh? I love how they're knitting up, and the colour is gorgeous!

Other recently completed projects include my 'Galaxy Cowl', knit from the Aurora Borealis milk protein fibre (I had named it 'Milky Way', hence the name of the cowl):

This cowl is sooooooooooo soft and snuggly! It was just 46 stitches cast on and joined in the round, then knit until I ran out of yarn. Easy!

My 'Damn, you're pretty' Esther socks (another Ravelry link):

I wish I could find a way to take a picture of my feet that didn't make my legs look fat... anyway, the socks are lovely :-)

I also knit some Toasty fingerless mitts for Tania that she requested (she has a pair in white, and wanted some in grey).

Alas, I think I have fallen into a trap! One of Tania's work friends saw the mitts, decided she liked them and wanted a pair for herself. Which I am now knitting. I wonder how many more people will want some? Anyway...

I've finished my February Lady Sweater, and have even worn it a couple of times. LOVE it!!! I haven't got any pics of me wearing it yet (you know how camera-shy I am) but here's a pic of it lying on the floor all by itself:

Margaret had pulled out some paua shell buttons the other night at stitching group that would have been perfect for it, but she only had two. After cursing her for a while (in a nice way) I went to Spotlight the next day and found some exactly the same. Voila!! Beautiful new hand-made cardigan :-)

Other than spinning up a storm over the next month, I plan on getting the Spiral Bound socks finished, the Toasty mitts for Jess, some crochet baby booties (no, not for me), some River Rapids socks, and a cable scarf for my mother-in-law. Oh, and another hat for Quidditch. Do you think that's pushing it a little? Will I get them all done?? We shall see...

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