Monday, 9 August 2010


Much of yesterday was spent going through the boys' toys with a fine-tooth comb (so to speak) and weeding out anything they didn't really play with anymore, had grown out of, or that I just didn't like because it was annoying. I managed to get rid of about a third of the bulk, which will make things a little easier when we move. An even bigger benefit is that everything now fits into a three-drawer storage unit or big containers, so can pretty much be loaded onto the truck as is. Woo hoo! The 'excess' is being dropped off at the local Salvation Army store today, before the boys are any the wiser. If they complain, I'll just tell them that because they were unwilling to help me sort through their toys, they don't get any say in what happens. Yes, I'm evil. Why do you ask? ;->

I guess the next step will be sorting through clothes and other bits and pieces we've accumulated an excess of (eg: bed linen - most of it doesn't get used. And yes, the bed clothes still get changed regularly!). I suppose there are some benefits to having to move often - you don't get much chance to accumulate too much crap. Unless you're Deane. Much downsizing of hoarded junk will be going on in the next two weeks for that man!! It's become a regular occurrence for him, simply because we have to. I think that although it is inconvenient, moving around has helped him immensely in that he can't get too attached to random items because it's likely to be gone soon. Having said that, a lot of stuff just materialises out of nowhere, so when it comes time to move, you've got no idea where it all came from. Hence the downsizing. It's a vicious cycle.

To be honest, I like the occasional 'cleansing' - it helps you keep what you've got fairly well organised. And if anyone knows me, they know I like to be organised! ::coughcough:: just don't look in my knitting basket ::ahem::

I'm not enjoying the experience of getting quotes for moving companies, truck rentals etc - that is something I'd rather not have to deal with! But I don't really have much option, since Deane is super busy with his new job and isn't here to do it for me.

I'm making the effort to be positive about this move - I'm going to meet new friends, and already have a couple of knitters lined up for coffee once we're settled in (oh, the joys of Ravelry!!). I've contacted the school, and Deane's going to call in this week to pick up enrolment packs for them. I get to go out for dinner with everyone here for a fun farewell - and I'm sure to see them again, and will definitely be keeping in touch via email etc.


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