Thursday, 5 August 2010

How about a quickie?

Get your mind out of the gutter people, I'm talking updates!! ;-P

Deane nearly accepted a two bedroom apartment in Parnell today, but at the very last minute turned it down, as it was a little on the small side (and with two young boys, small is not what we need!) but for a while there I was in panic mode - thoughts of having to organise notice with the current landlord, school transfers, address changes, moving trucks, packing, a looooooong drive from one end of the island to the other... my panic has now been put on hold, at least temporarily. But I've decided that rather than freak out when we find something, I'll at least organise what I can - I've let the landlord know we'll be moving out soon, and on the weekend I'll write a list of all the places I have to change our address with. I've asked for quotes from moving companies, packing is technically already half done (most of it is still in boxes in the garage) and the boys' school is aware that we will be moving soon. Deep breath - in, out. Whew.

Now for some cheerful news - Margaret successfully rescued the malabrigo scarf, and I have ripped back Cherie to the top of the waistline, ready to reknit the lace pattern. I had a relaxing morning spinning at miss tracee's (before the blind panic set in after Deane called about the apartment), and I came away from there with new fibre and yarn. Awesome ;-)

First up, Kentucky Ave on polwarth (mmm, polwarth...)

Tracee remembered I wanted some of this colourway. She's so cool!

And secondly, some juicy on perendale

Pretty, huh?

And as if that wasn't enough (btw, those were 'prizes' for the Tour de Fleece (yay for random number generators) and for the July SAL (that like, four people participated in - yay for small numbers of participants in competitions!)) she gave me - gave me - a skein of Three Irish Girls Beckon Stretch Merino sock yarn in the Arboretum colourway:

Super gorgeous!! And uber squidgy too :-)

I'm going to miss being able to hang at her place and spin, and chat with her boyfriend about the most bizarre stuff. Guess I'll have to visit occasionally instead.

Another Wellington 'supplier' I'm going to miss is Tash from Knitsch. She's working her butt off and doing a fab job at getting her name out into the fibre community, all with a huge smile on her face. Here's the past two months' yarn club instalments:

#1 - Peacock in the Parlour

#2 - June

The patterns that came with both these weren't really me, so I decided not to knit them. But I'm looking forward to working with these super bright colours! Although maybe not together...

So many friends I've made here - fibre and non fibre related. I'm going to miss them all!! Emails shall be frequent, and visits to Wellington organised regularly I'm sure.

One more thing that went a long way towards cheering up my day was what arrived in the mailbox this afternoon - the next bunch of squares for the Ron Weasley blanket swap!!

There are some great squares this time around - and I'm getting closer to having enough squares for a decent sized blanket. Maybe another couple of swaps. I'll get them all out later and lay them out to see what size I've got so far, and decide from there.

Oh bum, this turned out to be a not-so-quick update. Never mind. Now though, T is in bed, hopefully asleep. X is heading the same way soon, so for me it'll be a couple of episodes of Supernatural, and casting on some socks for my wonderful mummy :-)

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