Saturday, 28 August 2010

My own personal deserted island

is in an apartment right in the middle of Auckland city. I've had to paddle out to sea in a canoe just to get some internet time - not too far though, the local internet cafe is right next door to our apartment building :-) Still though, it's been a whole week with no access to the online world. It's amazing what you miss when you suddenly don't have it any more...

So we moved into the smallest apartment in the world on Tuesday (it always makes me wonder why Aucklanders call their apartments 'spacious' when really they're not. I shudder to think what they'd consider 'pokey') - it took me from Tuesday afternoon after the movers left (approximately 4.45pm) right through to Thursday afternoon around the same time to sort everything out to a point where I was happy and comfortable. I pretty much only stopped to eat and sleep (and of course the necessary daily pit-stops and hygiene routines). I spazzed out at Deane a few times, and he must've felt bad for me because he came home with a bottle of pinot gris, some chocolates, and a $200 gift voucher for the beauty therapist at the Heritage Hotel (just around the corner). Bless.

The boys and I called in to the school on Friday morning for our 'interview' (seriously, since when do you need to interview to attend a public school?!?) and they start on Monday. Phew!! Much needed sanity time coming my way in less than 48 hours.

I've managed to get to and from the supermarket twice in the car without having an accident or getting lost, and have found the local shopping mall with a Warehouse so I can buy bits and pieces like a clothes airer (because the apartment has one of those stupid washer/dryer combos that doesn't actually dry the clothes unless you leave them in there drying allllllll day - HUGE waste of power!!) and a rubbish bin, shoes for T, a new school bag for X, etc etc. Queen Street is two streets over so shopping is conveniently located, the IMAX theatre is within walking distance - everything is RIGHT THERE. I'm sure I'll be fine :-)

Not much knitting has been done, although I have managed to finish one bug sock, and started a pair of socks for dad. No pics yet, I'll upload and share some time next week when Deane's sorted out an internet connection at home.

Missing my friends in Wellington already - been thinking about Jenny calling everything 'redonk', there's been two Sunday knitting groups I've missed out on, my friend Tracee and her man Jamie (such funny people, even if they are vegan and try to make you go to Bikram Yoga ;-P), my stitching group friends, my book group friends - so many people...

I'm going to try and plan a Wellington visit for October, so hopefully I'll be seeing some of them soon.

But for now, I have to organise some meet-ups here, so I won't be lonely. Knitting is much more fun when you have somebody to laugh with, and it's easier to find out about things like swimming lessons for the boys, local GPs, cool places to hang out etc when you're talking to somebody who's lived here for a while. I don't think I'm going to sign up for the PTA (although the school have already tried - they certainly don't waste time!!) but hopefully the boys will make some new friends at school, and the parents will be helpful and happy to answer questions. I have many.

Well, time's almost up on my little counter thingee at the bottom of the screen so I must dash, and I shall be back soon. Ta ta!!

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