Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Four seasons in one day

Ah, the classic Crowded House song, how right it is about New Zealand weather. Even if it was inspired by and written about Melbourne...

Today started out cold and damp. After dropping the boys at school I headed on my way out to Pt. Chev, to the usual Wednesday knitting group out at The Little Craft Store. While sitting at the lights in Ponsonby, it started pelting down, and quickly turned to hail. By the time I'd arrived at my destination, the rain had dried up, and this afternoon the sun was shining and it was relatively warm (although according to the weather report on TV, our official high was only 13. The wind might've had something to do with that though. The weather report also kindly informed me that tomorrow will be much the same - ugh).

Some things that brightened my day:

1. I booked my return flight for a weekend in Wellington, during which I shall visit many friends, go to Sunday knitting in the gardens (yay!!!), and see the Wellington Quilters Guild Exhibition. I even organised overnight accommodation and transport with my friend Margaret - bless her, she is lovely :-)

2. Before picking the boys up from school, I made a brief stop at the supermarket, and was briefly struck with amazement at how gorgeous the fresh fruit and vegetables I bought looked - the colours are lovely and vibrant. Doesn't it make you hungry just looking at them?

Mmmm, fresh food... this collection of fruit and vegetables were bought specifically for a recipe I wanted to try out. Should be good!

3. I officially hit the 1/3 point of the afghan I'm knitting for a friend's mother.

I must admit it doesn't look like much all blobbed on the floor like that, with the appallingly bad lighting and even worse photography, but this really is a divine creation. I'm knitting it in Malabrigo Rios yarn in the Paris Night colourway, bought from the lovely Miss Polly of Little Country Wools. Yummy stuff to knit with - I keep stopping to squidge it. Just beautiful. The pattern is the Guy's Guernsey Afghan, but I don't think it should be limited to a man. It's a lovely pattern, easy to knit, and looks fabulous. And did I mention the yarn? Seriously GORGEOUS!!!! I'm not sure a guy would appreciate it anyway...

4. I finished off another Sookie Stackhouse novel - my fifth. They're a little bit addictive. Tonight Deane and I will be watching some more of season three of True Blood (the TV programme created based on the novels by Charlaine Harris) - I think he's a little addicted too, though I'm not complaining ;-)

5. The boys enjoyed a little mini 'disco' during their lunch break today at school. They both assured me wholeheartedly all weekend and this morning that they were not at all interested in going, but I gave them each a gold coin 'just in case'. Clever mum ;-) Although T, being the generous wee soul that he is, gave his coin to his friend. But he went in himself eventually anyway, 'to check on his friend'. Oh, how I love that child. He's such a dear little thing. Tomorrow they have a cake stall at morning tea, and on Friday it's popcorn and a movie. All funds are going to the Christchurch earthquake victims.

6. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with my friend KJ for breakfast - she's up from Wellington for Fashion Week, and I'm really looking forward to catching up.

Just two more days of school before the holidays, so next week and the week after are going to be a little crazy. I really hope the weather improves so we can get out and explore Auckland a bit. I'll be well and truly in need of that weekend in Wellington at the end of it!!

Anyway, I must sign off now. I have a cake to bake for school tomorrow!
Ciao :-)

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