Monday, 13 September 2010

New and improved updates - now with pictures!

Finally got sorted, have internet, have a desk, have a phone cable. Unfortunately I think the battery in my phone is a writeoff, but that's another story.

I need to post pics of various projects and other bits and pieces, so today's update is gonna be a little bit random - here goes...

Random Item #1
Remember this hole in the wall?

With the help of Margaret's friend, and a little bit of work from me (sanding and painting), it got all fixed up, and the landlord didn't feel the need to withhold any bond - yay!

See? It's like it was never there :-)

Random Item #2
I finished one of the bug socks, but have put them away for a while so I can complete other projects. Here's a pic of completed sock #1:

And the back of the sock:

Aaaaand just for good measure, the foot :-)

I've said this before and I'll say it again, photographing your own foot is really hard!! I think I might just have to get one of those mannequin legs. Or sock blockers.

Random Item #3
I mentioned a little while ago I was knitting a hat for a friend's son in Manchester United colours. Here's the result:

I gave it to Jane at my last book group meeting before I left Wellington, and can only assume she passed it on to her son. I hope he liked it.

Random Item #4
I went down to Esquires on the weekend, specifically to get a picture of their giant cups of tea and slices of cake. It also gave me a quiet 40 minutes away from the kids where I could read a book in peace, but that was just a bonus. Anyway, I took a picture with one of our normal sized cups, just to give you an idea of how big theirs actually are:

Hmmm, not so big you think? Well look at this!!

I'm pretty sure it fits twice as much as a regular sized cup in it. Not that I've checked (don't want to look like even more of a loser than I do taking a picture of my tea and cake). And now you've got an idea of how big the cup is, here's a picture of it with the cake:

See? Told you it was big. That'd pretty much be a meal for most people. Who needs dinner when you can just have cake? Good thing I've started up running again...

Random Item #5
I made a pecan pie on the weekend. I've never made one before, and I've never eaten one. It was an interesting experiment. Things I have learned:

1. Pecan pie is super yummy
2. Too much pecan pie is not
3. Don't bother carefully rolling out short pastry. It'll just fall apart anyway.
4. Deane really likes pecan pie
5. If you think a whole pecan pie is too much food, and you'll have to try and fob some off on the building manager on Monday when he arrives at his office because otherwise you'll have to chuck it out because it'll be no good soon and that'll just be a waste of food, think again. When Deane lives with you, a whole pecan pie is not enough to last the weekend.
6. Pecan pie goes really well with vanilla ice cream
7. Pecan pie will not be eaten by my children because it has nuts in it, which is good because there's more for me (at least the bit that Deane doesn't eat)
8. Pecan pie goes so fast you can't even get a picture of the whole pie

Random Item #6
I'm knitting dad's second pair of socks, for the second time. Let's elaborate...

I made him a pair for Christmas. You may remember, white hiking socks with garish yellow, red and greenish blue 'accents' ;-) He's not really a fan of bright colours, especially in socks, so I offered to make him another pair.

I cast on a pair of Cauchy socks in Vintage Purls 'Lepanto' using 66 stitches. The original pattern calls for 60 - I figured an extra 6 might be enough. I figured wrong. After knitting the whole leg to the point where I was ready to start the heel, I tried one on Deane and it wouldn't go over his heel. Bugger. Frog, frog, frog. Giant tangle of yarn (I was working from both ends of a centre pull ball). After many hours and a LOT of patience, I managed to untangle it enough to reknit the legs, and have now turned the heels and am on to the feet. They should be done in time for his birthday on the 18th. And they fit Deane, so they will definitely fit my dad.

More things I have learned:

1. Do not work from both ends of a centre pull ball if there is any possibility that you will have to frog your work more than a couple of rows at any point in time.
2. Check much earlier than the half-way point if a pair of socks is going to fit. It'll save you time in the long run.

Random Item #7
Deane is getting old. I have proof. Look:

He has an old man ear-hair. Not to mention quite a few grey hairs sprouting up all over his head.

Random Item #8
Children are silly. At least mine are :-)

Random Item #9
My friend KJ made me the most awesome pair of slippers EVAR!!!

They are the coolest most unique slippers in the world. Totally one-of-a-kind. Nobody else will ever have a pair like them. Especially since she's sworn never to knit anything again. Which is a shame really. She has a special talent for yarn creations, don't you think? They are super squishy and warm and cosy and I love them very much. I'm so lucky to have such great friends :-)

That is all.

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