Thursday, 9 September 2010

We're nearly there

The internet has been connected, but Deane declined the hardware because he has plenty of techie junk lying around in umpteen-million boxes so figured he'd be able to find everything he'd need. Well, he kinda did, and we had the internet working last night. Unfortunately when I went to connect this morning, I couldn't get it to work. Perhaps I'm not looking at the laptop in quite the right way (you know how they are) but I am once again situated at Esquires cafe on the corner next door, chugging down a giant piece of carrot cake and the world's largest cup of tea in order to use their free wifi. Seriously, I've never seen such large cups and cake slices!! I'll put up a pic next time I remember to bring all the cables required to connect phone to laptop etc, or when we have the internet permanently sorted at our place. In the meantime however, all blog posts remain picture free. Boring!!

Anyway, I went to my first Auckland knitting group (of sorts) yesterday, at a new craft store out in Pt. Chevalier. The place is called The Little Craft Store and it's situated at 201 Pt. Chevalier Road. It just opened on 28th August, and it is the cutest wee place! Helen runs the shop, and she set up a new knitters group, which is held every Wednesday from 10-11.30am. Polly from Little Country Wools is the tutor extraordinaire, and I help out if needed. Yesterday was the first 'class' and I think it went pretty well. There were about half-a-dozen attendees that were keen to learn the art of knitting. Polly taught them how to cast on, and knit garter stitch. They did pretty well I think :-) Next week they'll be learning how to pick up a dropped stitch, and possibly how to purl. Should be fun ;-)

On my way there yesterday, I stopped into another place called The Little Grocer (I'm starting to see a theme here, are you? Wonder why so many places in the biggest city in New Zealand have the word 'little' in their name?). It's in Grey Lynn (which I believe is between Ponsonby and Pt. Chev) and it's a really funky little place where you can buy a coffee, yummy deli foods, breakfast, a mini noodle box full of munchies (I got Deane a box of crystalised ginger, dark chocolate and cashew nuts), and while you're waiting you can read all the weird and wonderful little notes they have stuck to their noticeboard outside. If you ever happen to be on Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, pop in! It's worth a look :-)

On to other things:

Yes, I have been running! Amazing, considering it rains pretty much every day here. And people complain about Wellington weather!! Stupid... Anyway, twice around Victoria Park does it for now (just a little over 2km) - I'll build up the distance/time slowly until I get back to 5km/30 minutes.

Haven't had much time for it to be honest - spending too much time settling in, getting the scope of the place, shopping etc. (alas, shopping is something you can't really avoid when you live 2 minutes from Queen Street. But I'm not complaining ;-P Although Deane might...) I'm nearly up to the heels on dad's socks though - sadly I had to frog the pair I had knit 30% of because they were just too small, and had to start again, slightly bigger. This pair better fit!!!

Well, that's it for now, my time's running out (damn the timer!!) The boys have fit in really well at school, and they seem happy. No complaints so far at least. More updates soon. Love to all!!


  1. I just had a good chuckle -- as I was adding your link to my site, I realised that you are called kreacher's LITTLE corner. see, it's not just us jafas!

    a great big thank you to kreachr for being the best knitting house elf ever. I couldn't have managed our wee knit-a-thon withoutcha!

  2. How very observant of you - even I'd missed that one ;-)

  3. Yuk, running!!!!! ;)

    Have the greatest day

    Love Me xoxox