Friday, 15 October 2010

It's here!!!!

Yay - my new spinning wheel arrived yesterday morning, and now she's all put together looking all pretty in the lounge. Simply beautiful. I haven't had much chance to actually spin anything yet, but I've given her a wee test run, and she's just lovely to spin on. Although I think I'm going to have to get a spinning chair to go with - the dining chairs are a little high, and the couch is too low.

And as if getting a brand-spanking new spinning wheel wasn't enough for birthday/Christmas, Deane came home from his work conference down south with two white alpaca fleeces. Oh. My. God!!! 6kg of white alpaca. What to do with it??? I think I'll send them off to be commercially washed and carded, then there will be hours and hours of spinning (which will probably take me years). Oh, to think of the soft cosy alpaca knitted items I shall produce in the years to come...

I swear, every year Deane comes up with awesome gifts, and I always think they can't be topped. Then along comes the next year and BAM!! Another awesome gift. I'm so spoilt ;-)

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