Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Reasonably priced veges, anyone?

We can't seem to find any up here in Auckland - and trust me, when broccoli is $4.50 a head at the supermarket, you want to find good priced fruit and veges!! We've been trawling the internet looking for local markets, and haven't really had much luck. A couple of weekends ago we drove out to Henderson, where we thought a market was situated (according to the internet) but when we got out there, there was absolutely no sign of it. Perhaps it shut down some time ago, and nobody thought to take down the information.

Last weekend, we drove out to Avondale race course, but Deane had neglected to check the day. We'd gone on Saturday, but the market is on on Sunday. Duh. We ended up driving out to Waitakere and checking out the Oratia Farmers Market. We didn't end up buying any fruit or veges there, but it was a lovely day and we sat on the lawn, listening to Dave and Earl:

Who were thoroughly entertaining. And eating Hungarian deep fried bread. My word, that was delicious!! If you're ever at this market, get the Hungarian bread. Trust me. We came home with a few extra bits and pieces, like peanut butter and salami, but no fruit or vegetables. Oh well. This weekend, I'm going to look a little closer to home - apparently there's a market every Saturday behind Britomart so I think I'll go check it out.

Also during our long weekend, we had a few visitors - Deane's mum came up to stay the weekend, and my niece came for a drive with her dad, who was attending Armageddon with Deane and the boys. While everyone was out, my niece and I went shopping in town. That was certainly an experience. Never much of a girly person myself, it was interesting to go shopping with a little madam of five years, with very pink tastes. After much indecision over exactly what toys and hair accessories would be just right (many were picked up, carried around the store, then taken back to the shelf once 'bettered' by something more shiny and more pink, if that is even possible!) we managed to vacate the premises with a few goodies (and something for her brother) to wander back towards the apartment, stopping in at the cafe for a fluffy on the way. Afterwards, there was a bit of a hairdressing session, then settling in to watch a movie before her dad arrived back to pick her up.

She even chose a donut with pink icing and sprinkles from Dunkin' Donuts. Bless her. I think there's a reason why I had boys - I really don't like pink.

On Sunday there was the usual knitting group (although we only numbered three - I guess everyone else had better things to do with their long weekend) where I started the second TARDIS sock (now over halfway complete - I'm definitely on track to finish them by the end of the month!), then we all headed out to Whangaparaoa, to one of the lovely beaches out there. The water was warm (really!!) and it was shallow for a good hundred metres or so, so I was happy for the boys to play in the (riciculously calm) waves. Barbeque for dinner (our first of the season) and home again.

Monday was quiet, in preparation for school and work the next day, and Alison headed off back to Napier. Now we're in the middle of another week. On Tuesday I read the ninth Sookie Stackhouse book (in a day! Crazy...) and managed to go for a good run (8 minutes running, 2 minutes walking, x 3). Today (Wednesday) brought knitting at The Little Craft Store, and now it's time to get the boys in the shower and ready for bed again. I think I'll have an early night...

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