Thursday, 23 December 2010

Done; aaaaaaand done!!

Phew! Such relief!! I managed to finish the Blanket of DOOM!! and the lace scarf. Yay me :-) And of course, just so you'll actually believe me, here are some pics:

X's blanket - okay, so it's not the squarest blanket in the world, but hopefully he won't notice, and love it anyway ;-) It's all wrapped and I snuck it under the tree last night - he's none the wiser. Woohoo!

And, almost a year in the making - the Fern Lace Scarf, aka My Mmmmmmmmalabrigo Lace Scarf:

Oooooh, preeeetty...

Now my right wrist is packing a howlie, so I guess I'd better give my hands a few days rest before starting up a new project. I hear Wuthering Heights calling...

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