Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sometimes things just don't go to plan

Take this weekend for instance. T's birthday was scheduled for Saturday afternoon, after he'd been to swimming. Deane was going to wrangle the boys into playing XBox Kinect in an orderly fashion (well, relatively orderly), and I was going to go to knitting on Sunday and see a friend from Wellington who happens to be up in Auckland. Somewhere in the midst of all this, another friend was attempting to organise a Harry Potter weekend, wherein all the movies would be watched on DVD, then we would attend the latest, Deathly Hallows Part 1, at the theatre.

It all started to go wrong on Thursday...

The Harry Potter weekend was cancelled as none of us could be there for all the movies, but we would still go see Deathly Hallows on Sunday.

We received some rather bad news in that Deane's Gran had had a massive stroke, and wasn't doing well.

Only one child had RSVP'd for T's birthday, to say that he wouldn't be attending. I couldn't get straight answers out of the others, as the parents are all Korean and don't speak much English. We invited another person, but I din't hold out much hope for that working, since it was such short notice.

Deane organised to fly his brother over from the Gold Coast, picked him up at the airport at 12.30am Friday morning, and they (along with X) drove to Napier to be with Gran. T and I stayed home to continue on with the party.

At a more respectable hour on Friday morning T and I got ready for school and headed off, walking since Deane had taken the car. I finished organising the bits and pieces for T's party during the day (party bags and all the goodies to go inside them, decorations for the cupcakes I was making in place of a birthday cake, etc etc). Friday afternoon was a bit bland, but at least T had a birthday present to open. The gift sent by his nana the previous week had finally turned up (after several phone calls to track it down and having it delivered to a Post depot I could pick it up from). Once he was in bed, I had time to bake the cupcakes for the following day, and afterwards watch Eclipse on DVD. Unfortunately during this time, I was suffering a minor bout of IBS, which as far as I can tell, was brought on by eating a plate of baked beans on toast for dinner with T. Still can't figure that out... Needless to say, the evening was pretty much a write off.

It is now Saturday, and T's been to swimming. He spent most of the lesson on the side of the pool, as he refused to cooperate with the instructor (the reason for this is long-winded and I won't bother getting into it right now. He will be dropping back to the Beginner 1 class as of next week, which will hopefully help build his confidence back up). We went home and finished organising things for the party, which was due to start at 1pm. Well, nobody turned up. I sang Happy Birthday, he blew out the candles, we raided the party bags and spent the next half hour blowing bubbles, chasing them around and popping them, and having a good laugh. Bless his heart, he's completely unfazed by the fact that it's just us here. He's munched through a few unhealthy snacks (from the party bags of course) and is now happily plonked on the couch playing Banjo-Kazooie on the XBox by himself. He's just as cool as a cucumber! That makes things so much easier to deal with.

I guess I won't be going to knitting tomorrow, unless I can convince T to hang out in the cafe for half an hour or so. Deathly Hallows will be out of the question too, with nobody here to look after T for me. No big deal, since I've already seen it, but that kinda tops off the weekend for me really.

Gran is hanging in there, but it probably won't be much longer before she heads on her way to meet up with her husband and son, a long-awaited reunion I'm sure she's ready for now.

On the up side, its not raining, and I've got lots of time for knitting and reading. And my house is tidy.

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  1. I'm just catching up with your blog and am so sorry to hear about Deane's gran. And T. is an INCREDIBLE trooper! It has always been a fear of my own that no one would show up to one of my kids' birthday parties. I'm so glad T. handled it so well. Sometimes I think we moms fret more than our boys do about stuff! LOL!