Thursday, 10 February 2011

Best. Idea. Evaaaaarrrr!!

T was a good boy and ate all his dinner on Tuesday night, so as a reward he got to pick what we had for dinner last night. Not surprisingly, he chose pizza. We have several takeaway pizza stores located conveniently nearby ;-)

So last night I ordered online, waited 15 minutes, then moseyed over the road with the boys to pick up our order. The good thing about it is that we can order two half and half pizzas, and that covers the whole family. T gets cheese, X gets meat lovers, Deane gets sweet chilli prawn, and I... change my mind depending on what I feel like. Last night I got marguerita. So anyway, today all I had left of my half of the pizza was one slice. Not really enough to fill me up for lunch, right? So, after a quick brainstorm, I decided to make a pizza sandwich.

I buttered two slices of bread, warmed up my slice of pizza in the microwave, bunged it between the two slices and voila!! Pizza sandwich!! It was gooooooood...

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