Friday, 25 March 2011

I made it!!!

I'm officially through to Round Three of SM5! I think I finished somewhere around 7th, but I'm not too sure about that. Definitely in the top ten though. Most of the top ten finishers were from my team (because they lumped all the fast knitters together) so that doesn't bode well for the later stages of the competition, but boy howdy, it sure makes things exciting!!

Here are my socks:

The pattern is Nornir (Ravelry link) by Caoua Coffee. It is incredibly well written and easy to follow. The results are stunning, but it is a slow knit. Yes, I knit them in three days, but the progress of the sock as you are knitting it is very slow. It basically takes two rows to grow the length of one, due to the stitch pattern (every second row you knit a stitch below on every fourth stitch - am I making sense? It's getting late...) And when you finally get to the foot and think 'yay, this will go heaps faster now!', it kinda doesn't, because the stitch pattern on the top of the foot is still the same, and the bottom of the foot is knit like this:

Every second stitch on every second row is slipped, thereby slowing the growth of the socks row by row, so it doesn't overtake the length of the top of the foot. I'm probably talking complete gibberish now... I apologise.

The yarn is the latest instalment of the Flights of Fancy Yarn Club from Knitsch - the colourway is Hansel. Ooooh, pretty! Wish I had more :-( He's all gone now.

I've been resting my hands today - the only thing I knit was half a blanket square, so I could finish all the squares for the Ron Weasley blanket swap:

All done now, with plenty of time to spare - yay!

I had plans to sew up my Jaden sweater, but it just hasn't happened today for various reasons:

a) I ran out of time
b) My hands are still a little sore, recovering from the monster effort of knitting a simple yet challenging pair of socks in record time (for me anyway)
c) ... oh wait, there's only two reasons...

I hope my hands are feeling better tomorrow - I'm already staring longingly at the pile of yarn sitting in the giant fruit bowl in my lounge, dreaming of all the lovely things I want to make with it ::sigh::

Of course, I already have my Crazy Jays (Rav link):

And my Christchurch shawl (yes, another Rav link. Have you signed up yet? Hmmmmmm??):

Sitting on the needles, ready to go. Perhaps a little spinning tomorrow instead - gotta rest those hands, ready for Round Three!!

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