Sunday, 20 March 2011

It was fun while it lasted...

I have a feeling I won't be advancing very far in SM5 - I've been put in the 'Needles of Fire' team with the Norwegians and the Swedish. I'll get knocked out in the next round, for sure. Oh well. At least I'll get a bunch of cool sock patterns ;-)

Just as I predicted, I suffered a bout of 'startitis', and have cast on my Christchurch shawl, and a pair of Jaywalkers (please note, these are both Ravelry links. If you don't have a Ravelry account by now, for God's sake go and get one! Hurry up!!)

The Christchurch shawl pattern and (absolutely gorgeous) MadelineTosh Pashmina yarn was bought as part of a fundraiser for the Christchurch earthquake relief, run my the lovely Miss Polly of Little Country Wools, and the pattern designer Bristol Ivy. I've only knit 52 rows so far, but I'm loving it. I'll post progress pics when I've actually knit enough to warrant them.

The Jaywalkers were the perfect little project to take on a trip to Te Awamutu for a family gathering today, and great for knitting while watching a little Buffy last night (and probably again tonight).

I only have half a square left to knit for the Ron Weasley blanket swap, but I couldn't be bothered digging out enough scraps to finish it last night, so it'll probably stay that way for several days, until I get sick of looking at it unfinished.

All these projects will of course be put on hold the moment the Round Two pattern for SM5 is released. The pattern specs have been put up already - they were there this morning when I woke up. The pattern itself should be released in the next couple of days now that all the teams have been announced (why I couldn't have been put in 'Team Minnow' or 'Team Socks of Secret' I don't know) - it's going to take a fair bit of effort to keep up with these Norwegians!! I think I've decided on the yarn and needles already, so I think I'm as prepared as I'll ever be...

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