Sunday, 6 March 2011

The race continues

Well, its been a day and a half since the pattern was released, and so far there are three people on the list that have completed a pair of socks. And this is the slow round!! This round of SM5 goes for up to two weeks, so people generally aren't in too much of a rush - 160 knitters will make it through to the next round to be split into teams. Earlier this afternoon I cast off sock #1:

Yes, the photo is a bit crappy, but it was overcast earlier and our apartment is all gloomy at the best of times, so it'll just have to do. I'll get a better FO picture when I've finished the pair. There'll be no rush at all - I'm well on the way to being in the top 50 finishers at this stage. Then I'll have some time to chill out and work on other projects before the next round starts. It'll be all on then - that's when the true madness begins!!

My latest skein of yarn finished drying yesterday - 124g/154 metres bulky two ply 100% perendale:

The colour is 'juicy' from maude & me.

Should be plenty to knit this hat with. I'll add it to the 'to do' list :-)

Earlier in the week I cast on (a little late unfortunately) a pair of mitts (Ravelry link) for my younger sister for her birthday (which is today. Oops). I'm pretty sure she's going to like them. Progress pic:

Lookee!! Little mini skulls!! The pattern calls them 'Day of the Dead Arm Warmers'. I'm calling them Munch Munch (^_^) Zombie skulls anyone? Mwaaahahahahahaaaa!!!

Hope y'all had a good weekend, see you next week :-)

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