Tuesday, 8 March 2011

You may proceed

I made it into the top 25 finishers for Round One of SM5!! W00t! Having said that, Round One isn't a real indication of what the competition is like, because people have a full two weeks to complete their socks, so it's not a major rush. However, it's still fun. The pattern was fairly well written, and the socks themselves are quite nice. I am rather glad we got the rib socks done and out of the way already though, I'm ridiculously slow at knitting rib, and I'm sure it would've hindered me in later rounds.

Anyway, pair of completed socks:

They fit perfectly - unlike many other SM5 participants. Some are just knitting as fast as possible, and pay no attention to the fit of the socks - they just want to get them done and move on. Seems a bit silly to me - why knit a pair of socks that isn't going to fit either yourself or the person you intend to give them to? But, to each their own... I'm guessing gauge is not really a factor in this competition, as long as you have a finished pair.

Anyway, now I have the better part of two weeks to work on other projects (like my sister's fingerless mitts) and I can relax a bit before the panic of Round Two sets in ;-)

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