Thursday, 28 April 2011

Don't Panic!

No, this is not the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. You do not need to pack your towel. Although the old brain was going a little loopy last night. Let me explain why:

As mentioned in my last post, the pattern specs for Round 4 of Sock Madness were released on Monday. By Tuesday 5pm the pattern hadn't yet been released, and I figured that since it was the middle of the night over in mod-land, I'd be safe. So off I went with some friends to a weird little play about vodka. Just before it was about to start, I checked my phone, and horror of horrors, the pattern was out!!! Sent a hurried text to Deane requesting that he please reconnect the printer to the network, log in to my email and print the pattern for me, so it was ready when I got home. I was stuck watching the play (which was actually pretty funny) until 9.30pm. I walked very briskly back home and sat straight down to knit. Bless the man, he'd even checked out youtube for the instructions I'd need for the cast on! (Although he told me I wouldn't need them until row number 40. At least he'd tried to sound informed...)

We watched an episode of Chuck, then Deane wandered off to bed. I carried on knitting, and somewhere around 12.30am put on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 for a little background noise (and some distraction). By 6am I decided I would benefit from a couple of hours sleep, so begrudingly dragged myself off to bed. By 8.30am I was up and back at the needles again. The first sock was done by that afternoon, but sadly was too small. I'd figured that out by about the heel, but decided to knit on, and reknit the sock after I'd made it through the round. Unfortunately, the reason why it was so small is because I was knitting to the recommended gauge on the pattern. Next time I'll just knit how I want to and be damned the gauge! Almost as useless as a gauge swatch ;-) Sock #2 was cast on with a bigger needle, and knit with a looser tension. By 11pm I had to admit defeat. I still had four inches of the foot to knit before I could start the toe. It occurred to me at this time that I had absolutely no idea why I was even in the competition. Why was I busting my ass trying to knit a pair of socks as fast as I possibly could, knowing full well that there are many, many knitters halfway round the world that can knit twice as fast as I can? There's absolutely no way I can win this! So why bother? In fact, why do I even knit at all?? Heck, why do we do anything??? The weirdest things were funny to me, and I discovered that the fabric of my pants felt really nice and soft. Definitely bedtime!

8am this morning, straight back into it. I finished just before lunch, and came in about seventh in my team, eighth overall. It's starting to get a little trickier now. Only 11 people make it through this round, six in the next. I don't hold out much hope for getting through Round 5. If by some freak occurrence I do get through, I'm going to take my time knitting that sixth round pair. No point being in a hurry when there's no chance of beating the speed knitters on my team. If they were all knocked out of the sixth round for some strange reason I'm fairly sure I'd have a sporting chance of winning, but we all know that's not going to happn, so best stop daydreaming now. Would be nice to get that far though...

Anyway, after all that babbling, I'm holding off posting a picture of the finished socks on here, because I've already frogged the first sock. I did of course take a picture and email it through to declare myself 'finished' for the purposes of the competition, but the first sock was not only too tight, I had screwed up the rib pattern and wasn't happy with it at all. So sock #1 is now a small ball of hand wound yarn. I cast on again, and knit one round before deciding that I really couldn't be bothered knitting any more today. When I do finish the sock (again) I'll take a (not blurry) pic of the proper finished pair. The pattern is really neat, and I knit the socks in my Grape Kool Aid dyed yarn. I really like how it turned out! So keep your eyes peeled for the reveal next week!

But for now, it's an early night for me :-) Sleep well, people. I know I will!

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