Thursday, 7 April 2011

Random update post

I have no idea where this is going just yet, so it's probably going to be all higgeldy-piggeldy, but still mildly interesting (I hope).

First up - I finished my quilt top!! Ta da!!!

Full credit to Film in the Fridge for the idea, and the handy block tutorial, found here. I think it came out looking pretty darn awesome, even though the Thai fabrics are bright and crazy and totally in-your-face. The white helps to balance it out. Now, if I can figure out what colour thread to quilt it in...

The intended recipient arrived a whole four weeks early, so she'll just have to wait a bit for her surprise pressie. Having said that, I don't think a newborn is going to notice a late delivery. Her mum might though - don't worry Jane, it's on the way!!!

Crazy Jays are done too:

Another of what I like to call 'Ravelry Classics' done and dusted - Jaywalkers by Grumperina (Rav link).

I've knit all the body pieces for the Sackboy (Rav link) I'm making for my nephew, but can't go any further until I get a zip and some eyes for him, and stuffing (although I may end up using some non-descript fibre I have lying around. Mmmmm, woolliness...). No point taking pics of the body pieces, they just look like weird curled-up pieces of knitting.

Cast on another pair of socks, as I needed something I could do at knitting group on Wednesday - Firenze the Centaur, which we're doing as a knit-along in one of the Harry Potter groups on Ravelry. Don't think I'll get far on them though - the Round Three specs have been posted for SM5!!! This pair has cables - ooooooh, exciting!! Should have the pattern in the next day or two, I must prepare.

Received a parcel in the mail yesterday from my good buddy Jill over in Virginia, USA.

Look at all that teeth-rotting goodness!! Peeps, and Cookies, and S'mores! Oh my! Don't worry though - I sent her a large box full of chocolatey goodness too. We'll all have huge dental bills!! Nobody misses out ;-) And she was very sweet to send me Knit. Sock. Love by Cookie A - one of my all-time favourite sock designers. I am pleased beyond words - so many gorgeous socks to knit!!!

Wow, looking back through this post, I think I have more than used up my quota of exclamation marks today. Too much excitement. I must sign off and relax a bit before heading out to buy quilt batting, zips and eyes.

Have a good day! (oops, another one snuck in there...)

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