Monday, 25 April 2011

Where did April go??

It's drawing to a close already. This year is zooming by so quickly you really have to pay attention!! We're halfway through the school holidays, and its Easter Monday and ANZAC day here. MIL left for home this morning after staying for the long weekend (and pilfering a pair of handknit socks while she was here ;-P). The boys have chomped through a third of their Easter eggs (but oddly enough, have not requested any today yet). Deane is officially 32 years old, which means I will be 32 in about six months time. Scary.

I finished the pair of demo socks for The Little Craft Store (btw, did you notice the shop now has its own website??? Yay!!):

Baudelaire socks by my fave designer, Cookie A. Knit in Misti Alpaca Tonos Carnival in Rosemary Garden. Soooo soft and comfy on your feet! Lovely to knit with too, and warm! I think I may have to invest in some of this for myself...

I've got 4 1/2 repeats left on the feet of my Firenze socks, before starting on the toes. I'm trying to get these finished today - the pattern specs for Round 4 of Sock Madness have been released!! And I haven't even started knitting the optional round socks!! Poop :-( The pattern looks awesome - Diamonds in the Fluff (Ravelry link). They were designed by a fellow Needles of Fire team member, so I'm definitely going to knit them, just not yet. I have the perfect Needle Food yarn to knit them in too. Can't wait!

There are a couple of parcels eagerly awaiting me at the Post depot - I think they'll be more squares for the Ron Weasley blanket swap. Everyone's finished their squares and posted them, so I just have to wait for them all to arrive so I can mix them all up and send them out again. So much fun! I have well over 40 squares myself now, so I guess I should start thinking about sewing them all together...

The HPKCHC is about to start a new term, so its time to start thinking about another OWL project. Although I'm seriously starting to run out of options. Maybe two cardigans for Transfiguration - the Featherweight and the Simplicity (both Ravelry links). Too much of a challenge perhaps?? Or maybe a shawl for Ancient Runes using my handspun. Remember this?

I'm thinking either a Swallowtail, Holden or an Echo Flower (all Rav links, again). Decisions, decisions.

The weather here is starting to get cooler and wetter. Perfect for cosying up on the couch and knitting. Just the type of weather I like!! Hope you're enjoying whatever weather you have - make the most of it! Have a great day :-)

PS: Almost forgot to mention, I finished the Sackboy I was making for my nephew!

Isn't he cute? He was very well received, and I got an awesome hand made card in return. Sweet :-)

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