Thursday, 26 May 2011

Looking forward to the weekend...

I've signed up for a beginner spinning class. Yes. A Beginner class. I only know how to spin one way, and I'm hoping to learn quite a bit. Got myself organised already! The requirements list:

Own lunch - I'm sure I can manage that
Spinning wheel - check
2 or 3 bobbins - check
Lazy Kate - check
Flick carder - ::digging around, digging around... aha!:: check
Pen and note pad - check
Apron - ... uuuummmm... hmm...

::scrape, plod, click, zzzzip, wwwiiirrr, ssshhhh, ouch!, wwwiiirrr, ssshhhh:: Ta daaaaa!! Apron!! And its got a pocket ;-)

Yes, it is sellotaped to the wall for the express purpose of taking this picture.
(fyi, those are my really cool sound effects up there, designed to represent the placement of the sewing machine, the cutting of the fabric, the sewing and the ironing. And yes, I stabbed myself with a pin. Okay? Okay.)

I used a neat, very easy to follow tutorial I found on a pretty blog. Ah, the internet is a wonderful thing... So anyway, there are two spinning classes - one this weekend, and another on the 19th June. Presumably there's a gap in between to allow you to get a bit of spinning done. They're being run by the Auckland Handweavers and Spinners Guild - should be a lot of fun! It goes all day though so it will mean missing out on knitting group again :-( Oh well, there's always next week!

::We interrupt your regular programming to bring you breaking news::

I'm a little all over the place today, due to broken sleep last night. A couple of drunk girls followed a car into one of the carpark levels in our building last night, then couldn't get out (Duh. Secure building.) So they decided to damage a car and set off the fire alarm, which meant a midnight traipse out into the rain for everyone in the building, until being given the go-ahead by the Fire Department to go back to bed. Stupid drunk people :-/

::And now, back to the scheduled program::

Sock Madness is officially over for me - Round Six started on Monday morning, just after midnight NZ time, and was done about mid morning on Tuesday. One person from each team made it through to Round Seven, which is due to start Friday morning, about 4am NZ time. I'm still knitting my 'elimination round' socks, because they're really cool, but I'm in absolutely no hurry to finish them. I am really looking forward to seeing the last pattern though - I'll knit it, but probably not right now. I have a cardigan to get on with!!

Meanwhile, a progress pic of the Round Six socks:

Here's my attempt at a close-up of the stitch pattern:

Argus Panoptes (Rav link) by Rachel Brown, knit in Fibre Alive Merino Mania, colourway 'Lunar' from JOY of Yarn. I really like the stitch pattern, but I'm finding it a little slow to knit. I think that's just me though, considering how fast Round Six went! Or it could have something to do with my now-distorted (thanks to Sock Madness) view of how long it takes me to knit a pair of socks. I've been busy with several projects, including a fair bit of spinning - I'm nearly at the end of the first single for my gradient-dyed sock yarn that I started back in March:

Looking good, huh? Still need to chain-ply it. Then spin the whole other single. Then ply that one. Then knit them into socks. Might be a while...

The vast majority of this was spun last week - at the monthly spinners and knitters get-together, and at the Guild Open Day on Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Open Day was very popular, and we were really busy with lots of visitors. One of which was my friend Jane from Wellington (although she now lives up north, which is awesome!) - I got to hand over a completed quilt to her and her daughter:

And I got to meet Jane's mum, who was visiting from Canada :-)

I sold a knit item (yay me!!) which the person was very happy with, and it allowed me to buy some yummy new fibre:

100g merino from Fibre 2 Go, which is actually a really nice red, not the garish pink it looks like in the photo. And:

I know this doesn't look terribly exciting, but its 20g of hand dyed silk hankies from Tui Gardens Wool (who don't appear to have a website - bummer). Not sure what I'm going to do with these yet, but I'll have fun daydreaming about it ;-)

Straight after the Open Day, the family headed down to Napier for a birthday lunch on Sunday, and to pass on a couple of pairs of handknit socks to the 'sock vultures' (ahaha) my mum and my sister. They each got to pick a pair from the Sock Madness stash (after I'd narrowed it down for them), and I said goodbye to my (Can)tab. Madness (Rav link):

Which now belong to my sister, and my Maddeningly Dangerous Turns (Rav link):

Snagged by mum. Goodbye pretty socks, I'll miss you... Ahhh, sharing the sock love :-)

kreachr - keeping family feet warm since 2009 ;-)


  1. Love, love, LOVE your spinning...I have been thinking about learning...haven't taken the plunge yet. You made it further than I did in SM this year. Congrats on getting to Round 6.

  2. Aww, thanks! :-) Just beware, spinning is very addictive!! Much like knitting socks...

    And hey, there's always Sock Madness next year - you never know how far you're going to get!