Monday, 2 May 2011

School is back!!

The boys are out of my hair for the day, my house is clean and tidy again - all is right with my little world.

I finished the reknit of sock #1 for Round 4 of SM5, so I can now share them with you:

(Can)Tab. socks (Rav link) by Ros Clarke, knit in Grape Kool Aid dyed yarn, originally sourced from Skeinz. With the reknit, I was going to mirror the cable. But after casting on four times I decided the universe was trying to tell me something, and decided to just knit it the same as the other one. No further problems arose...

I also finished my Firenze socks, but forgot to mention them last post - so here they are now:

Look at my feet, posing on the balcony - try-hards...

Anyway, the socks were knit in Lorna's Laces Starry Night (which I believe was a special edition colourway for Yarnmarket) - the yarn was bought for me by my good yarn-mule buddy Jill in the US, prior to her trip here last year. It was gorgeous to knit with, and I have enough left for a pair of fingerless mitts I think.

I also started and finished a little mini project yesterday, but its super secret for now, and I'd hate for it to leak out and accidentally be seen by the intended recipient, so I'll have to tell you about it when we've been given the go-ahead. Its really cute though!

I finally managed to cast on the Optional Round socks for SM5 - Diamonds in the Fluff (Rav link) by Leslie Comstock, aka chewyknits. She also designed these socks, which have been in my favourites for, like, ever. I'm definitely going to knit them one day!!

Another must-finish project is this little guy here - he's being made for my niece. Her birthday is coming up soon, and I think he'll be perfect! Knit in pink of course ;-) And a yummy green.

Well, it's nearly 11am here, so I still have plenty of time to knit before I have to pick the boys up from school. Oh, how I love school!! And rainy days :-) Have a good Monday everyone!


  1. I've just found you! Love your blog...wish I were more dedicated to my own blog...maybe you will inspire me!

  2. Hello and welcome to my blog :-) I'm a SAHM so plenty of time to fluff during the day, including keeping my peeps up to date with what's going on at our place - saves having to repeat the same stuff to different family and friends several times over ;-)

    Good luck with your blog - I'll go check it out!